How Accurate Are Cosmopolitans Baby Name Predictions? Part 2

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French Names:

Remi (on a girl): Since entering the top 100 in 2013, Remi now sits at 662 far more popular then the name on a boy (its at 1710 for boys) in the US (in the UK its still more common for a boy). It’s definitely rising but not the next Sophie or Madeleine like they claim.

Bellamy: The number of births more then doubled last year (up to 103 births instead of 2013’s 50 births) and had been slowly rising since then since first being steadily used on more then 5 babies in 2003. This is definitely a name to watch.

Cabot: Less then five babies were named Cabot last year and the year before that. Cabot peaked in 2005 with 21 babies given the name. It’s the opposite of a “hot” name

Henri: Henry is a hot name so Henri must be too right? Well not exactly Henri did rise but only 3 more Henri’s were born in 2014 then in 2013. However this is the highest number of Henri’s ever born in the US.

Luc: Seven less Luc’s were born the US in 2014 then is 2013 and has been mostly falling since 2002 when 172 Luc’s were born. Only 86 Luc’s were born almost hundred less then when it peaked.

Olivier: This seems to be on here for the same reason Henri is. If Oliver’s hot then Olivier must be do. 66 Olivier’s were born in 2014 and 68 in 2013. The name appears to have peaked in 2011 with 78 births and had been up and down since 2004. It’s safe to say it’s not as hot as they think it is but with the pattern it’s taken over the past decade it could rise again.

Bale: In no year have more then 5 babies been called Bale, so sorry Cosmo this is more off then Eurydice.


Grandparent names:

Deborah: Surprisingly this prediction is spot on in 2014 368 Deborah’s were born the highest number since 2007. This 2014 number is 39 more then in 2013 and places Deborah at 753 a rise of 62 places. It’s got a long way to go until it reaches it’s previous heights but Deborah’s definitely one to watch in the next few years.

Karen: Karen fell 76 spots last year (thats 101 births) so definitely not a hot name. It now sits at 492 it’s lowest place since 1931.

Linda: Another surprisingly correct prediction. The top name of the early 50’s now sits at 615 up from 639 the year before. It has risen before, re-entering the top 500 in 2011 before falling back down again) but it could keep rising.

Cynthia: Cynthia also followed a similar pattern to Linda and Deborah rising in 2014 for the first time since the 80’s. It now sits at 491 up from last years 499.

Mark: Mark fell four places last year but unlike the girls choices Mark has never left the top 200 and only left the top 100 in 2003. It’s a solid choice for a baby boy. However the gospel name to look out for seems to be Luke which seems set to enter the top 20 in the next few years.

Gary: Shockingly Gary rose 18 spots last year to sit at 560 a sign of whats to come? Gary has been falling quite rapidly since leaving the top 100 in the late 80’s.

Glenn: Glenn was given to 4 more babies in 2014 then 2013 to but it’s still no where near the top 1000 (at 1167) so it’s rising but not very quickly

Alan: Alan fell 17 places last year and now sits at 170 which is still (to me) surprisingly high.

Douglas: Another “hot” name that actually fell. Douglas now sits at 598 down from 542 in 2013 which was up from it’s 2012 rank.


Great Grandparent names

Fannie: Another name that fell that said only 45 babies got the name and it’s not one I would recommend. I know of a Fanny from France and most people laugh at it. The Fannie spelling is currently more popular since only 30 babies were named Fanny up from 17 the year before.

Edith: Edith is definitely a name to watch rising almost 100 spots in 2014 to now sit at 627. Definitely one set to join the top 500 soon.

Billie: While still very rare in the US it was given to 120 babies up from 110 the year before the most Billie’s since 2003.

Adelaide: Up 5 spots to 316, Adelaide is a far slower riser then Edith but it is at it’s highest rank since 1921 and considering its only been back in the top 100 for a decade it’s definitely one to watch.

Henry: On a girl Henry is rare with just 9 born but on a boy it’s a top 50 choice sitting at 33 up from 37 the year before, I definitely see it as a top 20 choice by the end of the decade.

Florence: Up 466 (thats 64 births) Florence now sits at 1298. While still an unusual choice it’s definitely one to watch

Hazel: Currently sitting at 107, Hazel should be in the top 100 thanks to the fault in our stars.

Evelyn: A top 20 pick currently at number 16, Evelyn is a name thats already risen, it’ll be interesting to see if it makes the top 10.

Imogene: Imogene was given to 39 babies last year making a very rare choice  but 39 is the largest number since 1962 and since Imogen is a rising name nerd darling Imogene could follow.

Beryl: Another very rare choice that is slowly rising, Beryl was given to just 14 babies up from 10 in 2012. It’s not a hot name but 14 is the highest number since 1989.

Otis: Sitting at 1008, Otis seems like a definite to enter the top 1000 next year, if it does it will be the first time since 1994.

Randall: Randall fell 82 spots last year to sit at 908, it did rise in 2013 but considering it immediately fell to it’s lowest spot since 1899 it’s safe to say it’s not a “hot” name

Walter: Currently sitting at 337 (up from 342) , Walter has been slowly rising since 2011. Definitely one to watch


Part three will be up in the next week.


2 thoughts on “How Accurate Are Cosmopolitans Baby Name Predictions? Part 2

    1. I was surprised by the number of hits (especially Gary and Linda, makes me wonder what my future children’s playmates will be called). Evelyn does feel like a cheat.

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