TUVW rareties

In between some of the awful mispellings (Taelyr, Trinitty, Wilson, Warren), boys names on girls (Victor, Tiernan, Thomas), what should hyphenated names (Winterrose and Violetrose) and mix and match letters (Talaya, Takayla) there are some lovely choices most are ethnic picks but some could easily work in America or Australia. Taiwo: Taiwo (a variant form of Taiye)[1] is a… Continue reading TUVW rareties

X,Y and Z Rareties

The very bottom of the US list provides some great names hidden among made up choices, misspelt disasters and boys names on girls. Here are some given to just 5 girls from the very bottom of the list and the end of the alphabet. Xanthe: A Greek name Derived ξανθος (xanthos) meaning “yellow” or “fair hair” and the name… Continue reading X,Y and Z Rareties