The second name picked at random is number 172 on the charts which are Grayson and Anya and since I covered a female name yesterday it’s Grayson I’ll be covering. Grayson is a surname choice that’s quickly catching on especially in the US.

Grayson is an English surname meaning “son of the steward”, derived from Middle English greyve “steward”. As a surname it’s relatively uncommon but as a first name it’s a top 100 choice in America (47), BC in Canada (31) and New Zealand (75) and it’s not just Grayson that charts: Greyson could be entering US top 100 soon at 111 and at 772 in the UK and in the US Graysen, Greysen, Gracen, Graeson, Graycen, Gracin, Graceson, Grason, Graison, Graysin, Graesyn, Greysin, Grasyn, Gracyn, Greysyn, Greycen, Graisen, Graysyn, Greycin are all used and it also charts for girls 168 girls in the US recieved the name in 2015 and I understand why with the nickname of Grayse or Graysee it fits in. 

So while it me be very trendy Grayson seems like a logical update for Mason. And a name I can see catching on in Australia.




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