Taylor on a boy is the name on my boys list and get ready for my boys list to go into surname overdrive (7 out of 10 of the rest of my boys list are surnames). And I call myself a namenerd…   In my defence Taylor it is more popular as a girls name… Continue reading Taylor


  The less popular and more frilly version of Rosalie is the name that makes it onto my list but it isn’t my favourite spelling of the name that is the Lithuanian, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian beauty that is Rozalija but I can’t pull that off. Rosalia is an Italian name that can have two common nicknames… Continue reading Rosalia


Yes thats right just Alfie not Alfred but Alfie. I actually cannot stand Alfred at all its one of my least favourite names way way too old fashioned for my tastes. But Alfie is fun and youthful but can age with a person well. In Australia Alfie isn’t too popular (201 in Victoria in 2012)… Continue reading Alfie


My most unpronounceable favourite is Eilidh a Scottish name that is pronounced Ay-lee. My problem with EIlidh is can a 2nd and 3rd generation Australian of only about 60% Scottish ancestry (Grandma from near Glasgow, three great grandparents from Scotland, One from England and Granddad from England) really use it in Australia? My mum has… Continue reading Eilidh


Todays name is Asher, sorry I didn’t post yesterday I was half asleep most of the day. Asher is a one of the few unisex names on my list as Asher also charts for girls in Australia. Asher is a hebrew name meaning happy or blessed, could it be a way to honour my brother Isaac… Continue reading Asher


    Because I’m going home tonight I will take a break from writing about my favourite names to talk about my favourite animals name Brandy. Brandy wasn’t names by us we got her when she was two years old in about 2004 (see bottom photo) and is still alive today. Brandy gets called and… Continue reading Brandy


    Lincoln a surname name that peaks in Australia mainly because of a home and away star and my 8th favourite name. First things first Lincoln’s rise in Australia especially last year could come down to Lincoln Younes who joined the home and away cast as Casey Braxton in 2011 when it made it to… Continue reading Lincoln


Todays name is Felicity. Felicity is a latin name meaning Lucky ultimately derives from Latin felicitas “good luck”. I originally preferred the french spelling Félicité but gave up on it as it’s unpronounceable in English. Felicity is reasonably rare never making the top 100, peaking at just 116 in the 70’s but it’s not dated like Michelle and… Continue reading Felicity


  Since I’ve already covered Elena the next name on my list is Mirabel. One of the most unusual names on my list Mirabel so unusual it didn’t even make the 2012 extended list in Victoria. Mirabel is a variant of Mirabelle from the latin mirabilis meaning wonderful. Mirabelle was given to 74 girls in the US… Continue reading Mirabel