Another surname love that is one of the rising names of last year. Lewis also has literary cred through C.S Lewis and Lewis Carroll, plus the plus of sounding like a classic name that many other surname names don’t.   Lewis is the medieval form of Louis meaning famous warrior. As a surname Lewis is… Continue reading Lewis


Elodie is another of my El loves (along with Isobel, Eloise, Elena, Eleanor, Arabella, Mirabel and Elsa) and another French love (along with Genevieve).   Elodie is the French form of Alodia meaning foreign riches and is pronounced ay-lo-dee on French and Ell-oh-die in English which is how I pronounce it. Elodie is in the… Continue reading Elodie


Another name that I began to love after a met a little boy with the name now there are two Jasper’s under the age of two in my mums daycare so it’s a name on the uprise. Jasper is currently at 82 in Australia and isn’t in WA’s top 50 which means less then 50… Continue reading Jasper


One of my many surname loves: Lawson. Lawson first came into my heart when I performed Andy’s Gone with Cattle by Australian bush poet Henry Lawson, at my local speech and drama festival which I got a highly commended for and sissy seemed to think she could do the same (she ended up performing another performance… Continue reading Lawson


  Todays post is a French darling gaining popularity over here and has many darling nicknames like Vivi, Evie and Neve all of them are rising. The French spelling Geneviève though it doesn’t make the top 500 in France and was only given to 7 girls in Quebec (and one Genvieve)and they could all be… Continue reading Genevieve


  A less popular form of Finn that never made it too the top 500 in the UK, Finnian could be the answer to those who find the top 100 Finn too popular.    Finnian is an Irish name meaning white, it also has an older form Finnèn. Finnian was given to 126 boys in… Continue reading Finnian


 Since I have already posted about Azalea (predicting her rise before Fancy, I add) and Elsa, the next two names on my list today it is Arabella that gets analysed.    Arabella according to nameberry means yielding to prayer but behind the name says it is a medieval Scottish name possibly related to Annabel (meaning through… Continue reading Arabella


Sorry about no post yesterday I had to write an 800 word RE service essay which I hadn’t started yet.  Now back to Baxter, one of my many surname loves. Baxter could serve as an alternative to the top 10 Jaxon and Jackson (which I don’t like) because of the nickname Bax.    Baxter comes… Continue reading Baxter