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Sorry for the very long absence and even though I’m back I won’t be posting regularly for a while due to exams but for the next few weeks since I won’t have time to continue my rarities series (I will eventually though), I’ll be looking at some interesting names that are popular in other parts of the World. Todays name comes from Serbia, inspired by basketballer Milica Dabović whose name caught my interest since it was pronounced in two different ways by the commentators in the two games I watched.

The name Milica is slavic meaning Gracious and was originally used as a diminutive of names beginning with that element. It’s currently one of the most popular names in Serbia  and Montenegro , given to 8 babies in Slovenia, one of the most popular names in Macedonia over all age groups and it is also used in Croatia but doesn’t seem to be as popular.


With it’s massive popularity in the former Yugoslavian states why isn’t it used more in the English speaking world? The pronunciation could be the main issue it’s MEE-lee-tsah not the mill-ik-ah or Mill-ee-sha (rhyming with Alicia) that I heard  on the olympics) the first would be the more common mispronunciation. It has seen sparing use in the UK charting in 1996, 1999,2000,2001,2002,2004, 2009 and 2010 peaking with 8 born in 2001 and in the US it’s charted since 1956 but only consistently since the 1970’s peaking in 2008 with 17 born in 2011, just 15 were born in 2015 so it’s a very rare choice. Another plus about Milica is it’s a traditional full name for Mila so for parents who like Mila but find it too common Milica could be an option.

For a international choice Milica could be an option for someone with Slavic heritage looking for an alternative to the more common Mila or Milena just be warned of the pronunciation issues its still a gorgeous name with large popularity internationally.



2 thoughts on “Milica

    1. Even though it’s very impractical I can’t help but really like it, I agree it could sound pretty dated in Australia and I would fully expect it to be shorted to Millie or Mila/Milla.

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