How accurate are Cosmopolitans baby name predictions? Part 1.

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On Sunday Cosmopolitan’s snapchat included a list of names they saw rising this year and as a name nerd I felt the need to see just how true their predictions are:

Biblical Names:

Hezekiah: Since re-entering the US top 1000 in 2006 it has been rising but it’s only up 102 spots in almost a decade. I can see it rising but it’s not about to become a top 500 name any time soon.

Malachi: Currently sitting at 179 down from a 2006 high of 150, this ones going in the opposite direction that they were after, while not a fast faller it’s still not a “chart climber” like they were climbing.

Josiah: Josiah entered the top 100 in 2007 and is climbing so it’s already a more accurate prediction then Malachi but since then it’s only risen 32 spots, though it’s 2014 position at 64 is a new high. It was also given to 10 girls.

Ephraim: Given to 226 babies last year, Ephraim is rising and could be a name to watch. It entered the top 1,000 in 2013 and currently at 928

Delilah: Since entering the top 1000 in 1996 Delilah has been continuously rising currently sitting at 130. Probably there most accurate prediction so far but it’s still not a “hot” name considering it’s taken 18 years to reach it’s current point.

Judith: Judith did rise last year after declining since the 1960’s but still only just makes the top 1000 at 952 a rise of only 28 babies, not really enough to call Judith the next big biblical name.

Royal Names:

Charlotte: Finally a prediction they have gotten right. Charlotte is definitely a name to watch since entering the top 100 2007 it now sits at number 10 and is definitely a possible number one.

George: In the article they state that George is “now back in the top 200” thing is George has never left the top 100 and at it’s lowest point sat at 166 in 2012. The name is currently at 134 it’s first rise in a long time it’s safe to say George is back but no where near as back as the writer wants you to believe

Literary names:

Gertrude: Gertrude was given to 19 babies last year in the US up from 18 the year before. I can see the short forms Trudy and Gertie getting more popular but in 2014 18 where called Trudy and less then 5 where named Gertie it’s safe to say Gertrude definitely isn’t the next big old lady name

Louisa: Oh the namenerd darling Louisa it made the top 1000 for the first time in 2014 and I can see it getting much higher.

Lucy: Another accurate prediction. The lovely Lucy is up 13 spots since entering the top 100 in 2010 and currently sits at 62, expect this one to make the top 50 very soon.

Willa: Currently sitting at 549 after entering the top 1000 in 2010 (thats 403 spots it’s risen) another perfect prediction.

Emerson: The article didn’t state whether it was for boys or girls but it is rising for both genders slightly more for girls (196 vs. 324) but with Emma and Madison as some of the most common names is it really a surprise?

Fitzgerald: This is actually surprisingly spot on. Up 1297 spots (thats 28 births) to sit at 2296 with 58 baby Fitzgerald’s up from 29 the year before the highest it’s ever been.

Hugo: Hugo actually remained in the same position in 2014 and 2013 at 438 though more babies did receive the name.  Hugo reached it’s highest ranking in 2006 and has been falling ever since

Marlowe: Up 83 spots in the past year is Marlowe the new Harlow? Not quite Marlowe still has a long way to go and is actually more common then Harlow was before it jumped into the top 1000 and has a longer history of use. Marlowe remains the more common spelling but Marlow and Marlo are also rising.

Mythological Names:

Eurydice: Less then 5 Eurydice’s where born in the US last year and it peaked with 10 babies in 1974 hardly a name on the rise.

Athena: Currently in the top 200 for the first time at 195 Athena is definitely a name to watch.

Ajax: Ajax was given to just 21 babies in 2014 up from 18 in 2013. 21 is a new peak for the name but can a name that ranks at 4516 be described as having a resurgence especially since it entered the rankings in 2005?

Apollo: Since entering the top 1,000 in 2012 Apollo’s currently at 801 up 169 spots, this might be the most accurate prediction so far since Apollo’s definitely a name to watch but like Ajax it’s popularity can’t be described as a resurgence since it’s the names first time in the top 1,000.

Griffin: Griffin has actually been falling since 2012 it currently sits at 241 and fell 16 spots though the numbers of female Griffin’s rose (from 17 to 22 babies)

Rhiannon: Rhiannon is rising for the first time since 1988 currently sitting at 1631 with 131 girls being given the name but thats only an increase of 25 babies but compared to when it entered the top 1,000 in 1974 when it rose 3,711 spots and the number of newborn Rhiannon’s rose from 15 to 272, the rise is minuscule

Pax: In 2014 Pax was given to 50 babies up from 47 the year before and entered the girls list for the first time with 5 born. While it’s still a correct position it’s rise still doesn’t feel big enough to call it a upcoming name especially since it rose from 15 babies to 41 babies in 2009.

Thor: Even with the movies Thor is no where near the top 1000 currently sitting at 1438 with 114 babies bearing the name thats only 20 more then in 2013. It’s certainly rising but it’s still currently at it’s peak and most likely will keep rising.

Loki: Loki is rising faster then Thor but I still wouldn’t call it the next big thing. It’s currently at 1457 and given to 111 babies up from 87 in 2013 it’s biggest jump so far. Considering Lachlan and Lochlan both only just made the US top 1,000 I can see Loki rising there. It was also given to 5 girls.


Part two and three will be coming in the next two weeks.


2 thoughts on “How accurate are Cosmopolitans baby name predictions? Part 1.

  1. Ooh, this is a really interesting post – thanks for sharing! I can see the following names rising at a steady pace in the US.

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