Sorry for the very very long hiatus, as long time readers would know I’m rather young and had my final exams and preparing for them meant that my blog took little priority. But there done now so to make up for the months of inactivity I’ll be posting a name per day picked at random from the UK top 500 2015, for the next week or so with weekly updates at least until til uni starts in February.

The first name to be picked is Cerys which came in at 352 down 22 spots from 2014. Cerys is a Welsh variant of Carys meaning “Love”, however the original is less popular then Cerys at 406 and has a slight different pronunciation with Carys being pronounded CA-riss  and Cerys being KEHR-iss. In it’s native Wales it’s the less popular variant sitting at 82 with Carys at 71. A reason for Cerys being more popular in the UK is Welsh Singer Cerys Matthews who had two number one albums in 19998 and 1999 with her band Catatonia and the name peaked in the top 100 in 1999 and 2000 and has been falling steadily ever since.


Outside of England and Wales Cerys is rare only given to 12 babies in the US last year. It’s definitely a name that I think deserves more love outside of Wales.



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