Kaito and Farrah

Twins: Quinn Anthony and Luca John Patrick George and Christopher James Alessia and Georgia Boys: Caleb Michael (Dakota, Ella and Chloe) Cohen Flynn (Ryley and Aiden) Benj Brian Thomas Michael Cameron James Jagger Tony (Liberty) Marcus Andrew (Lucia) Kaito Jack Alexander James Henry Max Lucas Roberto Jude Hudson (Beau) Max Edward (Jack and Harry)  … Continue reading Kaito and Farrah

Arden and Adis

Twins: Charlotte Isabelle and Caleb Braden (Annalise) Girls: Grace Judy (Matilda) Laura Evelyn Matilda Lee Sienna May (Eva) Arden Rose (Xavier) Emilee Annalese Brianna June Charlotte Maree (Jordan) Lucy Lorraine Sofia (Natasija) Gabriella Clare (Bridgette) Rose Elizabeth May (Sophie, Holly and Lucy) Boys: Riley Cameron Jayce Campbell (Lucas) Laith Quentin (Liam and Tiarna) Jesse Dean… Continue reading Arden and Adis