Sorry it’s been so long, I had a math exam on Monday and have been studying but hopefully now I will post a bit more. Today is my last girls name and my most popular favourite. Ruby a former number one (in WA and the UK) and a top 10 pick in Australia, is she… Continue reading Ruby


              Oscar is a name that has been rising, barely heard when I was born (in the mid 130’s in NSW for the decade) to now days being a top 30 name. Oscar has the help of peaking in the 1910’s before it’s meteoric rise this century at 107… Continue reading Oscar


This post was originally going to be on Charlotte until I realised that Tallulah wasn’t on my list and should have been instead of Charlotte which is my 21st favourite name. After Tallulah there is just one more girls name (Ruby) and 4 more boys names (Oscar, Fletcher, Caspian and Miller). I have written about… Continue reading Tallulah

Adlih-May and Rock Pasquale: September

Twins: Benjamin Daniel and William Chris (Amelia) Beau John and Skylah Suzanne Boys: Cooper Ron Sebastian┬áPeter (Mia) Liam Danvers William Hunter (Oliver) Lucas Jensen (has two brothers) Braxton Gary Theo John (Angeline and Amelie) Thomas Martin (Ava and Grace) Evan Robert (Aidan) Reilly Jacob Riley James Devon Gregory (Jacob) Alexander Neil Cruz Hudson (Lucas and… Continue reading Adlih-May and Rock Pasquale: September