How accurate are cosmopolitans baby name predictions? Part 3.

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Starwars Names:

Leia: Leia is rising up 98 births to place it 509. It first entered the top 1000 in 2005 and with the new film out soon it could rise again.

Luke: America seems behind the trends with this one, it peaked in the 1990’s here but it’s rising in America and currently sits at 28 up from 34 last year.


Food Names:

Kale: Kale dropped 142 places last year and now just makes the top 1000 at 972 down from a peak of 504 in 2008.

Rosemary: Rosemary fell  43 places last year to sit at 575, last time it was at a similar ranking was in the 1990’s. If it was a prediction for 2013 they would have been spot as as Rosemary rose 69 spots between 2012 and 2013 but unfortunately couldn’t keep rising.

Holly (not a food name but they’ve listed it as one): They say in the article that Holly is making a comeback according to the rankings it’s not, as Holly remained at 449 for 2014 and had been falling before that. But according the number of births it is there were 708 Holly’s born in 2014 up from 682 in 2013.

Sage: Currently at 388 (it’s highest point ever) for girls and 654 for boys (peaking in 1997 at 499). It’s definitely on the rise for girls and boy but it’s definitely bigger for girls.

Maple: While still very rare Maple is on the rise with 52 newborn’s receiving the name up from 46 in 2013.


Hispanic Names:

Iker:Definitely a rising name Iker now sits at 215 up from 226 last year. It first entered the top 1000 in 2010 at 646.

Diego: Diego rose 1 place (and 243 births) but since it had been falling consistently since it’s 2006 high.

Noa: Last year Noa entered the top 1000 at 941 it’s definitely on the rise but I’m not sure how they decided it’s a hispanic name since it’s hebrew.

Sofia: Another name that’s on the rise but feels kind of cheating. It currently sits at 12 up one spot from the year before

Luna: Another definite right prediction, Luna currently sits at 143 (it’s highest point ever). It’s been rising quite quickly since 1998 (the first year it was given to over 100 babies) and if it keeps rising it’s a definite top 100 possibility.

Valentina: Another heritage choice at it’s highest point ever, Valentina is at 112 and definitely is in for a shot at entering the top 100 next year.

Javier: Javier peaked in 1993 and is now starting to climb again up to 216, 6 spots higher then last year.

Cruz: Cruz is actually declining for both boys and girls. For girls Cruz peaked 1923 at 793 (84 babies given the name that year) and has been falling since then to just 29 girls given the name in 2014. On boys Cruz peaked in 2013 at 278 but fell to 290 in 2014. In Australia Cruz is quite trendy and was at 116 in Victoria in 2012, while Cruze was at 388.

Isabella: Isabella has been falling since 2010 (when it was at it’s second year at number 1) to  now sit at number 4.


2 thoughts on “How accurate are cosmopolitans baby name predictions? Part 3.

  1. Ooh not so good on this one. They should really eliminate popular names from these predictions, and why they thought Isabella would keep rising I have no idea. I think they might have have actually been DRINKING cosmopolitans when they wrote this one!

    1. I agree if they looked at the charts they would have seen that Isabella can’t rise much higher, once it reaches number 1 it has to fall. And the ones they did get right were pretty obvious ones (like Luke)

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