The 20th name on my boys and girls top 20 is Miller a name which I like for girls as well (If I were to choose one name to be used on both genders it would be Miller Quinn). Miller is a surname mining grinder of grain given to someone who works on a mill.… Continue reading Miller


One of my guilty pleasures that snuck onto my list is Caspian even though I can’t stand Narnia (though I still want to get a cat named Aslan and I hate cats).   Caspian is a literature name being the name of the Prince in the chronicles of Narnia series by C.S Lewis the name… Continue reading Caspian


Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, I have exams starting on Monday so I have been busy. Today’s is one of my newest name loves that I have only really had an opinion on since February despite knowing a Fletcher (who’s parents probably didn’t realise just how popular it is since they… Continue reading Fletcher


A friend of mine has started her own blog and has asked for me to promote it because she hasn’t been getting too many views despite the fact that I keep telling her how long it takes to get views. Her blog is the English perspective about her being an English immigrant to Australia and some… Continue reading Lucy