The Potential of Elsa

During my daily reading of Nova’s gossip page I find this article on the name Elsa titled Parents name children after 2013’s biggest movie. It states that Elsa entered the baby centre list at 88. While this isn’t an official list it has the potential to enter it. There are many El names present in the… Continue reading The Potential of Elsa


Chalyss and Tadija

Twins: Mila Grace and Scarlett Marie Girls: Abby Rose (Lily and Grace) Rachel Susannah (Asher) Erin Peter (Zara) Mia Jade Holly Marie (Riley, Jake and Daniel)- Dad named Hayden Chalyss Toni Brielle (Taiha, Meisha and Sari) Leah Grace Evelyn Rose Taylor Bree Laycie Isla (Brayden) Alexia Rose Isla Patricia Louise Tayla Jo Chloe Victoria (Melissa,… Continue reading Chalyss and Tadija