Today’s name is number 496: I had a bit of choice Alyssia, Daphna, Raya and Sana all tie for the spot but of them I picked Sana a relatively rare Arabic choice that’s been steadily falling since it’s 172 peak in 2002, it still is a great choice for a girl.


Sana is a variant transciption of Sanaa which means brilliance, radiance and splendour but has always been the more popular variant with Sanaa only ever reaching 496 back in 2005, in the US it’s the opposite with Sana given to 128 girls and Sanaa given to 198 though it’s falling after spending 7 years in the top 1000 between 2003 and 2011. Sana also is a top 1000 choice in France at 184 (and rising)


Sana is an Arabic name with cross over potential and one of my favourite Arabic names.


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