Sorry for the very long absence and even though I’m back I won’t be posting regularly for a while due to exams but for the next few weeks since I won’t have time to continue my rarities series (I will eventually though), I’ll be looking at some interesting names that are popular in other parts… Continue reading Milica


Another new addition to my girls list is the lovely surname Harper (the only surname on my girls list surprisingly while about half of my boys list are surnames). It’s also a name thats rising in the United States and in Australia. Harper is a surname related to a person who played the harp or… Continue reading Harper


Another new addition to my list, there are two others  coming up the new editions to my boys list are Harley and Drake so I won’t talk about them again. Leila is a variant of Layla meaning night in Arabic. Layla is the more popular variant which ranks in the top 50 in Australia, England and the US… Continue reading Leila

S Rareties

Swathi: A variant of Swati, which comes from the Indian name of the third brightest star in the night sky, called Arcturus in the western world. This spelling is used indian actress and television presenter Swathi Reddy and is the only spelling that charts in the US. Suraya: An Arabic name that is a variant transcription of Thurayya.… Continue reading S Rareties


The next instalment of the rarities is coming, hopefully it’ll be up next week sometime. Today is a returning entry to my list one that’s been on and off since I was four but somehow isn’t the name of one of my dolls but was always the name of one of barbies whenever I played.  … Continue reading Zoe


Sorry about it being so long since the last post, I’ve had no internet and been super busy but I’m back. A few weeks ago I went through my lists and realised a lot of my favourite names were really similar: Elodie and Eloise, Isobel and Mirabel among others so I got rid of the… Continue reading Lucia