Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Due to my schools Catholicness, I’m made to do community service which I do at a nursing home. While many of them have the names you’d expect (such as June, Mary and Patricia) to some that are a bit more unusual (Una). The most common I have found is Dorothy with in a room with 6 women there were two Dorothy’s and a Dorothea who went by Doris. One of the Dorothy’s was in her 90’s the others are in their 80’s.

Dorothy is the usual English form of Dorothea meaning “gift from God”. Dorothy peaked in the 1920’s at number 4 in the 1920’s in NSW, from 1920-1926 in the USA at number 2. Currently it’s on the upswing in the whole my great grandma’s name is much cooler then Emily phase everyone is going through it’s not charting yet in Australia but it’s back in the UK it rocketed from 58 babies to 107 babies putting it at 397. In the US it is at 808 only re-entering the top 100 in 2011. Dorothea and Doris both peaked earlier Dorothea in 1910 at 134 and Doris in the 1900’s at 3 but they were still reasonably popular in the 1920’s (Doris was 27 and Dorothea was 146) in NSW. In the UK Dorothea is also on the upswing in the UK at 1707, is it a future top 1000 name?

I’ve never been a big fan of Dorothy but it was my sisters favourite name when she was little due to an obsession she had with the wizard of oz she still likes the name but my mum hates it so I doubt she would go their since her favourite names are Lauren and Nadia which Dorothy doesn’t really go with.

Chet and Barney

Perth Schorchers

Perth Scorchers


Archer William and Jude Andrew (Maggie)

Adam and Benjamin

Emily Rose and Ruby Madeline


Zara (Cameron and Christopher)

Guilia Shelley (Alessandra and Lorenzo)

Stephanie Rose

Ella Jade (Charlotte)

Tahlia Marry

Lucynda Rose Marie (Lennon and Lincoln)

Abigail Minerva (Raphael)

Savannah Rose

Maxine Yuli

Zoe Matilda (Jasmine, Xavier and Harrison)

Scarlet Rose

Melia Grace (Jordan)

Makaela Mary

Harper Mae (Indigo)

Olivia Rose (Sophie)

Elsa Alora (Jasmine and Isabella)

Ava Lea (Jack)

Kate Anne (Patrick)

Valentina Maribel


Annabelle Joy (Thomas)


Henry William (Lilly and Sofia)

Benjamin Jack

Harley Allen (Parents named Madilyn and Brayden)

Cayden Michael (Lili and Toby)

George Thomas (Bessie and Joe)

Luca Jim Victor

Matthew Gianfranco (Christian)

Beau James (Zane and Casey)- I’m assuming Casey is a boy

Thomas David (Zac,Charlotte and Williams)

Nathaniel James

Cooper James (Isla)

Harrison William

Hamish Kames


Kai John

Nicolas Tomas (Louis and Michelé)

Tom Andrew (Chanelle)- Mum named Lizl

Jenson Henry (Lucy)

Kent Thomas (Mitchell and Heidi)

Chet (Levi and Diesel)- This is my second Chet, I’ve found it must be catching on.

Reid Lennox (Mia and Lola)

Zac (Angelo, Kyle, Bernard, Luise, Isabella and Lily)

Aiden David (Ewan, Scarlett and Caitlin)

Blake Christopher

Joel Archer

Oliver James

Louis Jack (Thomas)

Axel Ryan (Kade)

Daniel Robert (Chloe)

Lincoln Phillip

Cameron Andrew Isaiah (Alexander and Liam)

Barney George (Fergus)

Sefton Blaze and Brooklyn Rayne



Aiden Robert and Flynn Jackson


Sadie Gretchen

Olivia Jean

Myra Adeline Thomas (Scarlett and Hunter)

Audrey Evelyn (Hazel)

Sariyah Jayne

Sylvie Quinn

Harper Zora

Bronte Mia Rose

Amaya Kailani (Bailey, Mikaela and Evelyn)

Isabella Claire

Lucy Annabelle

Caris Elizabeth (Thomas and Lucy)


Lucia Olga Lena (Lilia)

Courtney Jade- There wasn’t a gender in the announcement so I am assuming girl even though both names are unisex

Annabell Lisa Rose

Alyssa Simone

Madison Eve “Madi”

Brooklyn Rayne

Ava Xenia

Lucia Patricia

Astrid Miriam

Ivy Antonia (Gisele)

Amy Kate (Chloe)

Mira Eileen (Leonie)

Eliza Mary


Finn Leif (Odin and Cole)

Thomas Edward

Jaxon Matthew

Malachi John

Mason Luke (Logan Kai)

Archie Geoffrey

Ned James (Sam and Clancy)

Joshua Ivan (Sophie)

Sefton Blaze

Jesse Francis

Ray Malcolm

Aric Thomas


Leo Charles (Nelle and Jude)

Sebastian Isaac

Harrison James (Charlotte)

Louie Bruno (Alexi and Kohen)

Cameron Elliott (Chloe, Carli and Emily)

Cooper Jackson (Imogen and Ebony)

Mason Terry James

Riley Lynton

Names Name Nerds Love That I Hate: Olive

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 9.14.28 pmThis is a name you either love or hate I’m on the hate side to me Olive is a type of vegetable not the name of your sweet little girl. I much prefer Olivia despite it’s years of over use (it’s still number one in Western Australia).

Olive has been rising in popularity since it was chosen by Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen but the much nicer Elula hasn’t caught on. Olive is from the English word for the type of tree, ultimately derived from Latin oliva, similarly to Olivia (maybe). Olive is most popular in our neighbouring New Zealand at 53 and I wouldn’t be surprised if it made the top 50, in Australia it’s at 77 another future top 50 contender if it keeps rising the way it has, it was used 3 times in Quebec, 233 in the UK and 291 in the US and steeply rising (except in Quebec where it peaked in 2011 with 10 Olive’s born) to put it another way there were just as many as Amethyste, Blessing, Devine, Joany, Khadidja, Leakym and Marie-Loup (there would be more bad ones but I gave up)

Surely I cannot be the only one who can’t stand Olive (or eating Olive’s)?

Pop Culture baby name: Leighton

042709_blair2_300x400Leaving the British X-Factor boosted names to one made popular through a tv show in America. Leighton was boosted by Leighton Meester who played Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, and is now more common for girls in the US (but still more common for boys elsewhere in the world).

Leighton is a variant form of Layton meaning “settlement with a leek garden” in Old English other forms of the name include Lleyton, Leyton and Laetyn (a spelling variant which belongs to one of my mutual friends on Facebook) which are also used for girls (Laetyn was given 5 girls in 2013 and Leyton to 26). But Leighton is the most common with 544 girls receiving the name putting it at 540 in the United States and entered the top 100 in 2009 at an extremely high 674 two years after Gossip Girl aired though it had been rising from 2007 when 53 babies were given the name and in 2008 and was at 213 in 2008. Leighton peaked in 2011 at 527 and also charted for boys in 2010 and 2011 but peaked back in 1946 at 913.

Is Leighton a name best suited for boys or for girls? I think I personally prefer it on a boy as the only Leighton I know is a boy.

Pop Culture Baby Name: Jaymi

You Got It AllIt seems most my pop-culture baby names are from England and like yesterdays post on Perrie it’s another group put together on the X-Factor UK. Union J consists of 4 members Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett, Jaymi Hensley (who were originally a group called Triple J) and George Shelley. Their not overly famous with their singles only charting in England and Ireland but with their current single sitting at number 2 on  the UK charts and would have made it to number one without streaming.

So let me say this first Jaymi isn’t that common and has never been (Jaymi Hensley’s real name is actually James it’s JJ’s real name that is Jamie) and is currently at it’s peak of a massive babies born the first time it has charted for boys since 1996 (with 3 babies born but the chart position was higher then but to me births are more important then chart positions) it also charted for girls from 1998 to 2000 with 3 babies born. It’s pretty to obvious to me anyway that it has to be because of union J even though JJ’s been sitting on 7 babies since 2012 and Josh and George are both falling but with both Jaymi and Jaymin re-entering the charts in 2013.

It will be interesting to see if they can stay for 2014 with Union J released their second album on the 8th of December and is set to enter the charts at 21 and their two singles of this year were kind of flops with Tonight we live forever peaking at 9 but was at 74 the next week while their current single which is at 2 but is set to fall to 21 next week. With both Jamie and Jaymie and even James falling can Jaymi really keep rising?


Pop Culture Baby Name: Perrie

Little Mix - Salute (Deluxe Edition)

Perrie is one of my guilty pleasure names for the past two years and I assumed it was rare at least rarer then Perri and Peri, but since 2012 it has become the most popular form of the name (for girls) and since it’s rising while Perry for boys is falling is there a chance it could become the most popular.

Perrie first charted in the UK in 1996 with 6 babies born, it dropped off the UK charts in 1999 and didn’t reappear on the charts until 2012 with 14 babies born and in 2013 16 babies received the name the highest any form of Perrie on a girl has reached. The person to thank for this sudden (?) rise in popularity is Perrie Edwards from the girl group Little Mix who won the X-Factor UK in 2011 and have achieved 2 number one singles of the UK charts (Cannonball and Wings) as well as all their singles reaching the UK top 30. In 2013 Perrie also reappeared on the US name charts with 7 girls receiving the name the first time it’s charted there since 2005 but I’m not sure if little mix is the reason there since they’ve only had 1 single enter the top 100 (wings peaking at 75 in 2012).

Perrie is a form of the surname Perry either being old English for Pear Tree or Welsh meaning son of Herry.

Is Perrie a name on the upswing in the UK? Or is it too masculine or too dated? Will it fall as soon as Perrie Edwards stops being relevant?

Jovie and Marvel: November

Channel 7 Christmas Pageant

Channel 7 Christmas Pageant


Addison Kay

Neve Rosalie (James)

Sofia Jane

Ida May (Jasper)

Evelyn Adele

Ava Michelle (Madison)

Klaudia Marie (Brittney and Kendra)

Catherine May (Flynn, Lachlan and Mary)

Torah Eden (Havah)

Indianna Margaret

Zoe Rebecca

Quinn Greer (Noah and Paige)

Airlie Brigid (Imani)


Zahlia Marleen Emily

Jovie Mia

Amelia Grace


Rocco Dominic (Malachi Vincent)

Koby Robert

Dustin Thomas Alvy (Kate and Reece)- Mum named Tarnya

Orlando Phillip (Connie)

Jaxon Peter (Raegan)

Coby Mitchell (Lachlan and Riley)

Jayden Michael

Jake Adam (Lily)

Luke Matthew (Joshua)

Vasili Thomas

Harry Thomas

Nate Kevin (Tye)

Marvel Anthony (Patrick, Louise, Bridget, Romar, Archer and Kween)

Corey Justin

Nate David (Lola, Zara and Reid)

Braedan Jyles

Rocco Antonio

Alexander Luke (Sebastian)

Harrison William

Finn Henry Maxwell

Patrick Trevor Joseph

Pop culture baby name: Anja

I'm so Excited album artwork

I’m so Excited album artwork

A year of crappy reality TV shows has ended with Marlisa winning the x-factor and a number two single and Anja Nissen winning the voice and a badly selling album and a song that only spent a week in the top 50, despite this it’s her name I can see catching on since Marlisa sounds rather dated.

Anja is a variant of Anya that is used in Sweden, Norway, Denmark (where Anja Nissen is from), Finland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Germany. Anya is the Russian diminutive of Anna meaning grace. It is pronounced as An-yah. Anja is at 54 in Austria, 44 in Croatia, 37 in Slovenia and 1707 in the UK. Anja doesn’t chart in Australia but Anya does 327 in 2012 in Victoria and 62 girls were named Anja in the US in 2013.
Anja is a darling Scandinavian rarity that I would love to see on a young girl but I highly doubt Anja Nissen will be enough to make the name popular since Karise remains rare, and I doubt many of the baby Harrison’s were named after Harrison Craig or Eden’s after Karise Eden.

Guilty Pleasure Name: Sullivan

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 9.15.07 am

Sullivan may not be a name that seems like it should be a guilty pleasure, since my boys list consists of 10 surnames, but my favourite boys name makes Sullivan unusable in Australia anyway.

Sullivan is from an Irish surname meaning “descendent of Súilleabhán”. The name Súilleabhán means “little dark eye” in Irish. Sullivan isn’t an unusual name either at 505 in the US, 730 in the UK and 730 in Victoria in 2012. Sullivan’s popularity in Australia could be because of olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan but with only one year of data it’s hard to tell if it dropped after 2012 or kept rising since 2012 was an olympic year. Or it could be rising with the popularity of other surname names.

Sullivan a name I strongly recommend to those looking for a not widely used name that is easily spelt an pronounced that is unless they love the name Eamon.