Arn and Everleigh

Kings Park Dawn Service 2015

Kings Park Dawn Service 2015


Orlando Dillon (Harrison)

Hudson Robbi (Milla)

Jenson Alan

Addison Elijah Raymond “Addie” (Rebecca, James, Boston and Oliver)

Arn Lanom (Gry Maurz)

Brodie Charles (Caiden, Declan and Amelia)

Alexander Thomas (Zoe, Lucas and Mia)

Hayden Lenny

Brandon Patrick (Conor)

Harley Shane John

Hamish James

Aston Jake (Max and Zac)

Zavier Tomas (Janika and Vesna)

Thomas Basil (Nicholas)

Damian Patrick

Augie Edward (Imogen)

Harrison Lee

Harry Clifford (Leo)

Jake Ren (mum named Mihoko)

Luca Joseph (Stella)

Caden Raphael (Jesse and Tia)

Ashton (Lacey)


Lana Elizabeth (Kaden and Ella)

Bella Jodie (Sky)

Meredith Rayne


Gracie Adelaide

Kayleigh Joy

Cassandra Jane “Cassie”
Everleigh Joy Faith (Lucas and Riley)

Sofia Maree

Macey Elizabeth (Tate, Fraser and Oliver)

Olivia Dorothy

Ruby Alyce

Imogen Marie (Lucas)

Gia (Luella)

Emily Ivana (Bridgette)

Emily Charlotte

Lyla Rose (Jude)

Constance Marie “Connie” (named after her maternal great grandmother)

Ruby Ann

Sienna Grace

Jessica Judith

Emma Bernadine

Eloise Grace (William)

Maggie Alice (Lucy and Angus)

Penelope Emma

Jordan Marie

Amelia Violet (Samuel)

Pop Culture Baby Name: Olly

Never Been Better (Deluxe Edition)Another name that increased in popularity thanks to someone on the X-Factor.Olly Murs was runner up to Joe McElderry on the sixth season of the x-factor in 2009. Olly peaked in 2012 and the rise of Olly reflects his career quite well, though it fell in 2013 it could easily rise back up with Olly Murs’ most recent album Never Been Better peaking at number one in November.

Like many Olly’s Olly Murs was born Oliver the most popular name is the UK and Australia and the Ollie spelling is more common at 80 in the UK. Before Olly Murs started on the X-Factor in 2009 Olly sat at 818 with 34 babies born it’s peak so far, and to be fair without Olly Murs it would have kept rising but by 2009 it was up at 324 with 124 a jump of 90 births. By 2010 when he released his first album and had his first number one single that August the name was at 113 with 556 births, a jump of 432 which is massive. His second album was released in November 2011 too late to have an effect on the charts that year so it fell to 122 (507 babies), even though he had two number ones that year Heart Skips A Beat in August and Dance with me Tonight in December. 2012 was the year Olly peaked despite the fact that he didn’t have a number one single until December with Troublemaker (his first US hit also) and the album didn’t hit number one until December. The main reason I can think of for it’s peak in 2012 other then the exposure of the name and the rise of Ollie and Oliver is the fact that Dance with Me Tonight released in late 2011 is his biggest selling single and would have still been popular in early 2012 since it has to date sold 760,000 copies. It fell again in 2013 top 122 (the same position it was in 2011 but their were less births in 2013). It couyld easily rise again since Wrapped up and Up both peaked in the top 10 in late 2014. Their is also the rise of British group Years and Years led by Olly Alexander who had a number one hit early this year with King and their debut album out in June may help to get Olly to rise in 2015.

Khalessi and Thespina



Hugh Alexander and Miles Geoffrey


Hannah Elizabeth


Indi Margaret (Lily, Maya and Flynn)

Elyse Lee

Caydence June (Mistelle and Amberlie)

Maddison Casey

Jemma Louise (Joshua and Mitchell)

Reese Alivia-May

Lucy Kate (Hudson)

Kayla Jade

Grace Pamela

Lily Charlize

Mila Rose (Isabelle)

Khalessi Barbara-Lee (Tanaysha, Xavier and Logan)


Billie Jude

Jasmine Louisa

Kate Elizabeth (James and Thomas)

Kelly Anne (Rachel and Danielle)

Jenna Maree

Kristina Corpuz

Grace Elizabeth (Luke, Amye, Joel, Josh, Alex and Harrison)

Eloise Melita (Emily, Jessica and James)

Ella Christine

Lacey (Billy and Lincoln)

Savanna Kaylee (Bethany and Imogen)

Louisa Kate (Skylar)


Joseph Savatore (Curtis)

Henry Grey

Bodhi James

Blake Mason (Shakira)

Harry James (Milla)

Billy Jamison

Brax Stephen (Telea)

Max Frederic (Ella, Niklas and Harry)

Oscar George

George Stewart (James, Elizabeth and William)

Lincoln Geoffrey (Caden and Ava)

Jayden Matthew Peter (Bella, Amara, Lulu and Kye)

Finn Oliver (Abigail)

Arlo John

Elijah Francesco- Mum named Jvana

James Laurence (Max and Grace)

Joshua Reuben (Micah and Abigail)

Dean Francesco (Carmela, Carlo and Sofia)

Kade Connor (Jack, Zane, Troy and Nate)

Mitchell John

Zachary Matthew (Zara and Alexis)

Camden Oakley

Brenton Edward

Tom Stirling (Mia and Sienna)

Samuel Sheng Min (Lachlan, Sophie and Hamish)

Josef Eli (Jon-Roy and Jorja)

Number One in 1999: Emily

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.09.39 am

In my high school from years 5-12 there are 30 Emily’s and 1 Emilie and I know another 4 (two have already left and 2 are from my hometown). Emily was the only name repeat in my school for girls with an Emily in year 7 and one in kindy (there were also two Austin’s in the school). It’s safe to say Emily is overused for girls my age, despite this I still like it and can see it’s appeal and it’s still extremely popular at number 4 in 2013 and is back at number 1 in WA for 2014.

Where did Emily come from to steal the top spot away from Olivia in 1998 in Victoria and Jessica in 1999 in Western Australia. Well it had been rising for a long time entering the top 10 in 1990 in WA at 9 and number 7 in Victoria. Emily has never left the charts and was at 36 in the 1900’s and fell to it’s low point of 455 in the 1950’s (thats one born each year) then it began rising to 448 in the 60’s and began a massive rise in the 70’s, to being the 3rd biggest name of the 90’s in NSW and Victoria behind Jessica and Sarah but both of these names have fallen harder then Emily, by decades end Jessica was at 2 and Sarah was at 5 and their currently at 38 and 41 while Emily is still top 5.

Will Emily still be a top 5 name in 2014? With it’s WA position it seems likely.

Number on Today: Charlotte

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.36.39 amToday I am starting a new series I will be comparing the popularity charts of 2013, 1999 and 1972 to see how many names have stayed and how many became dated. The number one name of 2014 was Charlotte and number 3 in WA, and has been rising since the80’s when it entered the top 100. In 1999 it was at 68 in NSW (for the decade) and their were 43 born in Victoria. In 1972 it was 414 in NSW (decade). Before it’s large growth in the 80’s Charlotte had peaked at 96 in the 1900’s so for most Charlotte’s and mothers of Charlotte’s it probably isn’t seem in the same light as a name like Alice.

Overseas Charlotte is declining down to 21 from a peak of 5 in 2000 (it was at 6 in 1999) though Charlotte-Rose is rising up to 2460 which is only 10 births but is still surprising. It’s 11 in the US, 7 in Canada (BC), 32 in France, 47 in Ireland, 69 in the Netherlands, 1 in New Zealand, 34 in Northern Ireland and 21 in Scotland. In America it is following a similar pattern to it has here but a few decades behind, first peaked (55 in 1943) fell to reach it’s lowest point in 1999 (307) and then began rising again re-entering the top 100 in 2008 at 87.

Is Charlotte destined to follow the path of 1999’s number one Emily or 1972’s Michelle or a completely different path?

Finbarr, Rocky and Eimear and Kassia


Yallingup Beach


Benjamin Gregory and Kayley Anne (Kiara)


Anna Karen (Andreas)

Lyra Beatrice (Ottilie Rose)

Candice Sarah (Hayden and Jacinta)

Spencer Elisabeth Leigh

Zoe Vera

Piper Jean (has two siblings)

Tess Abigail

Olivia Eve

Jessica Ivy (Jade)

Layla Rose (mum named Bianca Rose)

Pia Dee

Marley Susan (Archie)

Madison Lucy (Kiara and Zoe)- mum named Shilo

Sofie Anne

Piper Leigh

Kassia Melinda (Cristian)

India Mae

Eimear Rose (Imogen)- born in Ireland

Kya Jade (Neve)

Sierra Anais

Scarlett Poppy


Zavier John (Olivia)

Jesse (Matilda)

George Cameron

Jacob William (Emily and Charlotte)

Thomas Carmelo (Alexander)
Charlie Max (cousins named Jordyn, Sam, Oskah,  Charlotte, Indy, Ziggy, Jasper and Ruby)

Seth Jeffrey

James Derek (Jared, Amber, Leah and Noah)

Kai (Ciana)

Joshua James (Noah)

Ezekiel Kenneth Lee

Rocky Luke

Samuel John (Daisy)

Elliott Arthur

Matthew Xavier (Zara)

Finbarr Richard (dad named Tadhg)

John Peter (Yulia and Anneliese)

Zachary Sean (Ryan, Joshua and Aiden)


Jack Robert

James Michael (Liam and Sean)- dad named Padraig

Phoenix Michael Leslie (Zachary, Zane, Malakal and Thomas (dec))

Henrik Vincent (Aleksander)

Riley Paul (Shayla and Jordan)

Happy Third Birthday Baby Name Obsessed

Third-Birthday-polkadotmedI’ve officially been blogging for three years, it’s kind of scary since I was just 13 when I started the blog. I hope that over the three years my writing has became much more mature. I will be posting a lot less this year sorry as I’m currently in year 11 and even 5 weeks in the workload has been pretty massive.

In 2014  I had had 9031 views up from 2013 while 2015 has been slow so far (most likely since I have only posted 3 times sorry again) with on 964 views. All time this equates to: 23,201. Thank you to Anna for your years of support I would comment on your posts but I can’t be bothered switching browsers.

Celebrate this little piece of the internet existing for 3 years here are my 3 favourite posts from the past 3 years:

Popularity of names on personalised items

My love of surname names

And I’m cheating a bit all my birth announcements (theres another one tomorrow hopefully)

Thank you for all your support




Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Due to my schools Catholicness, I’m made to do community service which I do at a nursing home. While many of them have the names you’d expect (such as June, Mary and Patricia) to some that are a bit more unusual (Una). The most common I have found is Dorothy with in a room with 6 women there were two Dorothy’s and a Dorothea who went by Doris. One of the Dorothy’s was in her 90’s the others are in their 80’s.

Dorothy is the usual English form of Dorothea meaning “gift from God”. Dorothy peaked in the 1920’s at number 4 in the 1920’s in NSW, from 1920-1926 in the USA at number 2. Currently it’s on the upswing in the whole my great grandma’s name is much cooler then Emily phase everyone is going through it’s not charting yet in Australia but it’s back in the UK it rocketed from 58 babies to 107 babies putting it at 397. In the US it is at 808 only re-entering the top 100 in 2011. Dorothea and Doris both peaked earlier Dorothea in 1910 at 134 and Doris in the 1900’s at 3 but they were still reasonably popular in the 1920’s (Doris was 27 and Dorothea was 146) in NSW. In the UK Dorothea is also on the upswing in the UK at 1707, is it a future top 1000 name?

I’ve never been a big fan of Dorothy but it was my sisters favourite name when she was little due to an obsession she had with the wizard of oz she still likes the name but my mum hates it so I doubt she would go their since her favourite names are Lauren and Nadia which Dorothy doesn’t really go with.

Chet and Barney

Perth Schorchers

Perth Scorchers


Archer William and Jude Andrew (Maggie)

Adam and Benjamin

Emily Rose and Ruby Madeline


Zara (Cameron and Christopher)

Guilia Shelley (Alessandra and Lorenzo)

Stephanie Rose

Ella Jade (Charlotte)

Tahlia Marry

Lucynda Rose Marie (Lennon and Lincoln)

Abigail Minerva (Raphael)

Savannah Rose

Maxine Yuli

Zoe Matilda (Jasmine, Xavier and Harrison)

Scarlet Rose

Melia Grace (Jordan)

Makaela Mary

Harper Mae (Indigo)

Olivia Rose (Sophie)

Elsa Alora (Jasmine and Isabella)

Ava Lea (Jack)

Kate Anne (Patrick)

Valentina Maribel


Annabelle Joy (Thomas)


Henry William (Lilly and Sofia)

Benjamin Jack

Harley Allen (Parents named Madilyn and Brayden)

Cayden Michael (Lili and Toby)

George Thomas (Bessie and Joe)

Luca Jim Victor

Matthew Gianfranco (Christian)

Beau James (Zane and Casey)- I’m assuming Casey is a boy

Thomas David (Zac,Charlotte and Williams)

Nathaniel James

Cooper James (Isla)

Harrison William

Hamish Kames


Kai John

Nicolas Tomas (Louis and Michelé)

Tom Andrew (Chanelle)- Mum named Lizl

Jenson Henry (Lucy)

Kent Thomas (Mitchell and Heidi)

Chet (Levi and Diesel)- This is my second Chet, I’ve found it must be catching on.

Reid Lennox (Mia and Lola)

Zac (Angelo, Kyle, Bernard, Luise, Isabella and Lily)

Aiden David (Ewan, Scarlett and Caitlin)

Blake Christopher

Joel Archer

Oliver James

Louis Jack (Thomas)

Axel Ryan (Kade)

Daniel Robert (Chloe)

Lincoln Phillip

Cameron Andrew Isaiah (Alexander and Liam)

Barney George (Fergus)

Sefton Blaze and Brooklyn Rayne



Aiden Robert and Flynn Jackson


Sadie Gretchen

Olivia Jean

Myra Adeline Thomas (Scarlett and Hunter)

Audrey Evelyn (Hazel)

Sariyah Jayne

Sylvie Quinn

Harper Zora

Bronte Mia Rose

Amaya Kailani (Bailey, Mikaela and Evelyn)

Isabella Claire

Lucy Annabelle

Caris Elizabeth (Thomas and Lucy)


Lucia Olga Lena (Lilia)

Courtney Jade- There wasn’t a gender in the announcement so I am assuming girl even though both names are unisex

Annabell Lisa Rose

Alyssa Simone

Madison Eve “Madi”

Brooklyn Rayne

Ava Xenia

Lucia Patricia

Astrid Miriam

Ivy Antonia (Gisele)

Amy Kate (Chloe)

Mira Eileen (Leonie)

Eliza Mary


Finn Leif (Odin and Cole)

Thomas Edward

Jaxon Matthew

Malachi John

Mason Luke (Logan Kai)

Archie Geoffrey

Ned James (Sam and Clancy)

Joshua Ivan (Sophie)

Sefton Blaze

Jesse Francis

Ray Malcolm

Aric Thomas


Leo Charles (Nelle and Jude)

Sebastian Isaac

Harrison James (Charlotte)

Louie Bruno (Alexi and Kohen)

Cameron Elliott (Chloe, Carli and Emily)

Cooper Jackson (Imogen and Ebony)

Mason Terry James

Riley Lynton