Interview with Namenerd2000

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What is your name?
Either put in first name and middle name, just first name or nameberry username

What is your nameberry username and what is the inspiration for it?
Have you ever wished you had a different name?
It was a random decision, something I could easily remember. I do sometimes wish I picked something shorter for the other Namdberry member’s sakes.

How old were you when you first got interested in names and how did this interest begin?
I was ten and decided for a project that my children’s names were going to be Emily and Noah. The next year it was Riley and Noah and so on until I created my first name list. The rest is history!

Where do you get most of your name inspiration from?
such as online, family or name sightings Books, other people, brilliant Nameberry users… All over the place!

What do you think will be the name trends of the future?
Definitely unisex names, old-fashioned names, and word names.

Do you have any pet naming peeves?
Not really.

What are some of your favourite names?
Fable, Lilia, Aria, Talulah, and Paisley for girls. Archer, Nolan, Josiah, Rylan, West and Foster for boys.

What names do you dislike?
I don’t like Agnes, Corey, or Paul.

What are your favourite names in the Top 100 of your country?
Ava, Charlotte, Noah, and Wyatt.

What are your favourite names that have never charted in your country?
Reverie and Fable for girls. Major and Hollie for boys.

Do you have names picked out for your future children?
So many! I mentioned a lot of them already in the “favorite names” question. If I were to have two boys and two girls, their names would be Fable, Lilia, Archer, and Gabriel.

What advice would you give to someone who was choosing a name for their baby? Don’t listen to anyone else. Seriously, except for your spouse, just ignore them. The only thing that matters is that you love the name!

Interview with Adelina_Sophia

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What is your name?

What is your nameberry username and what is the inspiration for it?
My username on Nameberry is @adelina_sophia. It’s not very imaginative as it’s just my favourite girls combination.

Have you ever wished you had a different name?
Yes, when I was younger I used to wish that I was a Mary. Now I still feel that Alice doesn’t suit me, and would prefer to be a Rosamund Victoria.

How old were you when you first got interested in names and how did this interest begin?
Around the age of 13-14. I first became interested when I was looking for alternatives to Elizabeth, though my interest became bigger when I was doing some research on Spanish names.

Where do you get most of your name inspiration from?
Mostly online, though also from family.

What do you think will be the name trends of the future?
I think the trend of names from popular culture will continue to happen but I also think a wider range of Biblical names will start to become in trend. I think we may also start to see more children with unusual names (which maybe won’t become so unusual) since people now are starting to favour them over popular or well known names.

Do you have any pet naming peeves?
I hate it when parents give their children a creative spelling of an otherwise easy to spell name (such as Madisyn for Madison) to be more “unique”. To me it doesn’t make the name more unique, it makes it look as if the parents can’t spell the original name and I think in the future, these kind of names will be time stamped (much like names such as Linda or Carol are today – we can all make a quick guess of their age just by looking at their name). I also am not a big fan of unisex names, with an exception (Adair) or boys names on girls and vice versa (though I secretly like Juno on a boy).

What are some of your favourite names?
As combos: Adelina Sophia, Magdalena Élisabeth, Isla Aveline, Leo Xavier, Alexander George and Thomas Archie.

What names do you dislike?
Clementine, Madison, Wren, Caden, Dashiell and Bennett. (There are some more but these are just some of them.)

What are your favourite names in the Top 100 of your country?
Isla and Leo.

What are your favourite names that have never charted in your country?
Athénaïs and Cornelius.

Do you have names picked out for your future children?
I’m far off from having children, so changes could be made, though right now, my choices are Adelina Sophia (nickname Lina) and Leo Xavier.

What advice would you give to someone who was choosing a name for their baby?
This isn’t from experience but I would say that you should try and go for a name both you and your partner love, and try not to be easily swayed by negative opinions if you truly love a name and have had it set in stone for ages. If your partner doesn’t love your top choices, try to come up with a list of similar names they may like or ask them what their favourites are, and see if you like any of them, or find a variant of the name you love but they don’t that you both like.

This Week on Babynameobsessed

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I will be running my first series of interviews with those who submitted interest on name berry if there is anyone else wanting to be interviewed the link is here or simply comment. I hope you all enjoy reading them throughout the week.


Guilty pleasure name: Eulalia

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Eulalia is a name that definitely doesn’t fit in with my usual style and the way I prefer it pronounced is apparently wrong (it’s yoo-LAY-lee-ah according to behind the name but I prefer yoo-Lall-ee-ah). Either way it’s a barely used greek name and is the name of the patron Saint of Barcelona. I first heard of the name read a Rose for The ANZAC boys  by Jackie French and is worn by Midge’s aunt Lallie.

Eulalia is a Greek name meaning to talk well which it would help in pronouncing Eulalia since it is five syllables thankfully theres a lot of nicknames the tradition Eula probably doesn’t work too well but theres also Lallie/Lally and Lalia as well as some less obvious nicknames Ellie, Ella, Lulu, Lula and Lia help to make it more usable in everyday life. Eulalia peaked in 1893 in the US at 364 and has been off the top 1000 since 1928 and there were 25 Eulalia’s born in 2014 and the numbers over the past decade are between 20 and 40 (except 2004 where there were 17) and last year their were just as many Kynzleigh’s born and two more Remedy’s.

Eulalia is a gorgeous underused name that has never been popular and has many lovely nicknames. I would love to see it being used more often.

Esabella and Tully: May


HBF Run For A Reason 2015


Matthew William

Cameron Thomas

Byron Felix

Jamie Pearce

Roman Walker

Max Leigh (Zoe and Harry)

Ashton Jay

Logan Carl (Matteo)

Chace James Stewart (Brianna and Mitchell)

George John (Victoria and Elena)


Tully Edward (Fletcher, Cooper and Milla)
Christian Michael
Johnny Brad (Brooke and Bree)- dad named Brad

Leonardo James

Max Rodney

Beau Benjamin (Spenser)


Jasmine Louise

Charlie Faye

Esabella Ruby

Ayla Jade

Charlotte Elizabeth Valerie (Aiden and Matilda)

Lizzy Joyce

Olivia Skye

Zara Stephanie (Lachlan and Samuel)

Imogen Tilly

Cora Mae (Bailey (B) and Hamish)

Valentina Grace

Daisy Elizabeth Margherita (Charlotte and Louisa)

Ivy Anne

Elise Marilyn (Lachlan George)

Emmy Rose (Milla and Harper)

Mia Rose

Names Name Nerds love but I hate: Audrey

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Sorry about the lack of posts I’ve had exams over the past two weeks and have been studying in the week before that.

Audrey is one of those old lady names which many people seem to love, the only Audrey I know is in her forties. Audrey is a medieval diminutive of ÆÐELÞRYÐ, meaning noble strength. Audrey is a top 100 name in Australia (43), Western Australia (43), America (32), Canada (BC) (19) and top 500 in England (437) and France (277) and 58 Audrey’s were born in Quebec down from 150 in 2009. Audrey peaked in NSW in the 1920’s at 32 and was on the charts until the 70’s, it returned in the 1990’s and entered the top 100 in 2009.

In case you can’t tell from my previous posts I’m not a big fan of old lady names though I’m sure to some people my choices of Alice and Isobel to be old. Audrey just doesn’t sound nice to me it’s just got an icky sound. If you’re after a name with a similar sound choose Audra which is much rarer (and thats what most real name nerds are after)

Arn and Everleigh

Kings Park Dawn Service 2015

Kings Park Dawn Service 2015


Orlando Dillon (Harrison)

Hudson Robbi (Milla)

Jenson Alan

Addison Elijah Raymond “Addie” (Rebecca, James, Boston and Oliver)

Arn Lanom (Gry Maurz)

Brodie Charles (Caiden, Declan and Amelia)

Alexander Thomas (Zoe, Lucas and Mia)

Hayden Lenny

Brandon Patrick (Conor)

Harley Shane John

Hamish James

Aston Jake (Max and Zac)

Zavier Tomas (Janika and Vesna)

Thomas Basil (Nicholas)

Damian Patrick

Augie Edward (Imogen)

Harrison Lee

Harry Clifford (Leo)

Jake Ren (mum named Mihoko)

Luca Joseph (Stella)

Caden Raphael (Jesse and Tia)

Ashton (Lacey)


Lana Elizabeth (Kaden and Ella)

Bella Jodie (Sky)

Meredith Rayne


Gracie Adelaide

Kayleigh Joy

Cassandra Jane “Cassie”
Everleigh Joy Faith (Lucas and Riley)

Sofia Maree

Macey Elizabeth (Tate, Fraser and Oliver)

Olivia Dorothy

Ruby Alyce

Imogen Marie (Lucas)

Gia (Luella)

Emily Ivana (Bridgette)

Emily Charlotte

Lyla Rose (Jude)

Constance Marie “Connie” (named after her maternal great grandmother)

Ruby Ann

Sienna Grace

Jessica Judith

Emma Bernadine

Eloise Grace (William)

Maggie Alice (Lucy and Angus)

Penelope Emma

Jordan Marie

Amelia Violet (Samuel)

Pop Culture Baby Name: Olly

Never Been Better (Deluxe Edition)Another name that increased in popularity thanks to someone on the X-Factor.Olly Murs was runner up to Joe McElderry on the sixth season of the x-factor in 2009. Olly peaked in 2012 and the rise of Olly reflects his career quite well, though it fell in 2013 it could easily rise back up with Olly Murs’ most recent album Never Been Better peaking at number one in November.

Like many Olly’s Olly Murs was born Oliver the most popular name is the UK and Australia and the Ollie spelling is more common at 80 in the UK. Before Olly Murs started on the X-Factor in 2009 Olly sat at 818 with 34 babies born it’s peak so far, and to be fair without Olly Murs it would have kept rising but by 2009 it was up at 324 with 124 a jump of 90 births. By 2010 when he released his first album and had his first number one single that August the name was at 113 with 556 births, a jump of 432 which is massive. His second album was released in November 2011 too late to have an effect on the charts that year so it fell to 122 (507 babies), even though he had two number ones that year Heart Skips A Beat in August and Dance with me Tonight in December. 2012 was the year Olly peaked despite the fact that he didn’t have a number one single until December with Troublemaker (his first US hit also) and the album didn’t hit number one until December. The main reason I can think of for it’s peak in 2012 other then the exposure of the name and the rise of Ollie and Oliver is the fact that Dance with Me Tonight released in late 2011 is his biggest selling single and would have still been popular in early 2012 since it has to date sold 760,000 copies. It fell again in 2013 top 122 (the same position it was in 2011 but their were less births in 2013). It couyld easily rise again since Wrapped up and Up both peaked in the top 10 in late 2014. Their is also the rise of British group Years and Years led by Olly Alexander who had a number one hit early this year with King and their debut album out in June may help to get Olly to rise in 2015.

Khalessi and Thespina



Hugh Alexander and Miles Geoffrey


Hannah Elizabeth


Indi Margaret (Lily, Maya and Flynn)

Elyse Lee

Caydence June (Mistelle and Amberlie)

Maddison Casey

Jemma Louise (Joshua and Mitchell)

Reese Alivia-May

Lucy Kate (Hudson)

Kayla Jade

Grace Pamela

Lily Charlize

Mila Rose (Isabelle)

Khalessi Barbara-Lee (Tanaysha, Xavier and Logan)


Billie Jude

Jasmine Louisa

Kate Elizabeth (James and Thomas)

Kelly Anne (Rachel and Danielle)

Jenna Maree

Kristina Corpuz

Grace Elizabeth (Luke, Amye, Joel, Josh, Alex and Harrison)

Eloise Melita (Emily, Jessica and James)

Ella Christine

Lacey (Billy and Lincoln)

Savanna Kaylee (Bethany and Imogen)

Louisa Kate (Skylar)


Joseph Savatore (Curtis)

Henry Grey

Bodhi James

Blake Mason (Shakira)

Harry James (Milla)

Billy Jamison

Brax Stephen (Telea)

Max Frederic (Ella, Niklas and Harry)

Oscar George

George Stewart (James, Elizabeth and William)

Lincoln Geoffrey (Caden and Ava)

Jayden Matthew Peter (Bella, Amara, Lulu and Kye)

Finn Oliver (Abigail)

Arlo John

Elijah Francesco- Mum named Jvana

James Laurence (Max and Grace)

Joshua Reuben (Micah and Abigail)

Dean Francesco (Carmela, Carlo and Sofia)

Kade Connor (Jack, Zane, Troy and Nate)

Mitchell John

Zachary Matthew (Zara and Alexis)

Camden Oakley

Brenton Edward

Tom Stirling (Mia and Sienna)

Samuel Sheng Min (Lachlan, Sophie and Hamish)

Josef Eli (Jon-Roy and Jorja)

Number One in 1999: Emily

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.09.39 am

In my high school from years 5-12 there are 30 Emily’s and 1 Emilie and I know another 4 (two have already left and 2 are from my hometown). Emily was the only name repeat in my school for girls with an Emily in year 7 and one in kindy (there were also two Austin’s in the school). It’s safe to say Emily is overused for girls my age, despite this I still like it and can see it’s appeal and it’s still extremely popular at number 4 in 2013 and is back at number 1 in WA for 2014.

Where did Emily come from to steal the top spot away from Olivia in 1998 in Victoria and Jessica in 1999 in Western Australia. Well it had been rising for a long time entering the top 10 in 1990 in WA at 9 and number 7 in Victoria. Emily has never left the charts and was at 36 in the 1900’s and fell to it’s low point of 455 in the 1950’s (thats one born each year) then it began rising to 448 in the 60’s and began a massive rise in the 70’s, to being the 3rd biggest name of the 90’s in NSW and Victoria behind Jessica and Sarah but both of these names have fallen harder then Emily, by decades end Jessica was at 2 and Sarah was at 5 and their currently at 38 and 41 while Emily is still top 5.

Will Emily still be a top 5 name in 2014? With it’s WA position it seems likely.