Name of the week: Jamesie

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Happy mothers day everyone I have covered my mums name (Elspeth) and her mums name (Isobel) it’s time I covered the most unusual name in my immediate family (well that and  Natriesse) my nana Jamesie. I love Jamesie but it’s just too unusual to be used as a first name currently my first daughter will be named Isobel Jamesie Rose . Jamesie is a short form of the Scottish Jamesina though my nana is just Jamesie. Jamesie is pronounced like James with an ee sound at the end not Jam-ess-ee. Jamesie and Jamesina have never ranked but Jamesie sounds just like Maisie and has the nicknamey feel that many people love.


5 thoughts on “Name of the week: Jamesie

  1. I’ve seen several girls called Jamie or Jaimie, and Jamesie seems warmer and cuter to me. It works well as a middle name, but I think it would be usable as a first name too.

    Hope all the ladies in your family had a Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

    1. Thank you I also think it could be a bit insensitive for me to use it as a first name since I hardly knew my nana (she passed away when I was 2)

      1. My cousin does want to use it as a middle name and so will I because my dad is always telling me I’m like her.

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