Funny Google Search Terms

Not the main search term for my blog surprisingly
Not the main search term for my blog surprisingly (But I have seen my blog a lot thanks Google)

indy jack boys name: Well Indy might seem a bit feminine for a boy but Jack is lovely

toby contact deatil number danis house: 

 (please don’t call that number)

waltzing more than matilda: Whoops wrong blog I think you wanted this one:

isla tottie page: She’s on page 14 of bbno in  Emmy-Lisl, Francesco Michele and twins Bonham and Floyd: Birth Announcements From Perth

makai in australia: McKay is a city in Queensland here:

osviežovač vzduchu: How did air freshener in Slavic lead you here

i call my hamish, james: I’m an Ebony called Ebs so I guess I don’t have a problem.

names gemma & nate what else: If I had a Nate and a Gemma I would use Alfie or Elsie

banane in pijamale: They have banana’s in pyjama’s in Java thats pretty cool

paige mia amy zoe: I’m unsure what you want here. 

is lily too popular: It depends on what too popular is for you she’s at 12 in Australia

lauren mitchell shines at australian gymnastics championships: thats really bad grammar it’s Lauren Mitchell and Australia

i hate names like alfie and archie: I can’t take you seriously until you use capitals

australia beaches girls: Beaches don’t have genders

spelling variations of georgia: *deep breath* Jorja, Jorga, Jeorga, Jeorja, Jeorjia, Jorgia, Jeorgia and probably more

flowers images for lili: If you spelt it right you might have gotten some results

tahlia the world: The world is called Earth not Tahlia

how many maxines were born in 013: Name records don’t go back that far

emily names: There is only one Emily name: Emily

georgia bonora australian: I have no idea what your on about

jorjia: I knew I forgot one, Thanks

1d which last name sounds/likes best with my name:I don’t know your first name

play school australia daisy: 


teletubbies nicknamed tinky winky po dipsy laa laa: Those are there actual names

the cast of bear in the big blue house:

what are the names of bananas in pajamas: B1 and B2 mate

banana+in+pyjamas= Bananas in Pyjamas

most popular italian names:

fotos de hi 5: Here and please never speak spanish to me again


bananas in pajamas – teddies – is morgan a girl or boy?: He is a boy

inside youtube: Soz can’t help

bananas+in+pajmas+big+guif: WTF?

my name is hamish but i go by james: Are you the one from before?

ebony feranda: Its Ebbeny Feranda

hi 5 kathleen baby tim and nathan: Stalker

emmy ve francesco: Emmy is lovely not too sure what Ve Francesco means

valjoy’s bedroom description hating alison ashley: It’s in the book so read it

cow’s name from play school: Daisy

interesting names of the show: What show?

charlie hi 5: It’s Charli

mga larawan ni isaac sa bible: Hey you in the Philippines

how to find a birth announcement in western australia: You need to subscribe to the West Australian newspaper

madeleine, irish name, red hair girl: Sorry I don’t know her

how can i find out what a toy’s name is from my childhood?: You use this crazy little thing called memory

stephen rice the swimmer: Its Stephanie

loren mitchell gymnast: Lauren

bananas in pyjamas:amy:





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