Unusual names of international artists



Idina Menzel (USA): A variation of the name Adina meaning delicate Gentle

Indila (France): She was born Adila which is a female version of Adil which means fair, honest, just. Indila could be a way to get Indi

Shakira (Colombia): A female version of Shakir meaning thankful

Helene Fischer (German); A form of Helen meaning bright shining one

Sia (Australia): A short form of names starting and ending with Si I would guess like Sienna

Kiesza (Canada): She was born Kiesa which would be a modern invented name

Birdy (England): A short form of Bridget or a diminutive of Bird

Hedley (Canada): The name of a Canadian band but  Hedley could work as a first name it means Heather clearing

These artists all currently make the top 100 on this chart: www.top100worldsingleschart.com/top-100-world-singles/


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