Chet and Chevin

Goanna in the Murchison Desert
Goanna in the Murchison Desert


Roman and Rafael- Parents named Elisha and Bart

Arabella Chloe and Addison Summer

Emma Rose and Kate Grace

Madison Michelle and Savannah Grace


Jacob Phillip (Aaron and Isaac)

Chet Patrick- Could this be inspired by Chet Faker best known for the singles drop the game (which made the top 20) and Talk is cheap? The baby was born in march so it’s possible

Luke Peter (Ryan)

Michael Walter

Kai Emmett (Jolie)

Saxon Erigo (Sibella and Madelyn)

Nathaniel Eric Giuseppe

Oscar George- Dad named Mason

Thomas Neville (Ryder)

Lucas James (Mia)

Nicholas Jack (Oliver, Samuel and Lucas)

Chevin Heath

Marcus Remy

Levi James (Kayden)

Cruze (Luke and Krystal)

Henry Arnold


Jake James (Halle and Kiera)- Mum named Pippa

Chase Ashley (Tyler , Arie and Toby)

Tate James (Ava and Ellie)

Mitchell James (4 siblings listed as Kimba, Astro, Lacey and Sketetor guessing those aren’t the real names)


Archie Geoffrey- Dad is named Lachlan (I don’t know if that is unusual for an adult but the oldest Lachlan I know is 17)

James Gerard

Edward (Will and Lizzy-would guess there actually William and Elizabeth)

Atticus Ian

Isaac Roger (Charmaine)

Leon Thomas (Ella)

Alec McKenzie Thomas (Ruby and Burke)

Christian Francesco (Olivia)

Lenny Zayne


Michaela Mary Dawn


Mia Jane

Victoria Rose

Jaylynn May

Charlie May (Kade and Tyson)

Ruby Jade (Christian)

Isabella Marie

Imogen Barbara Diane (Lucas)


Ruby Michelle (Corey and Joshua)

Allyse Emma

Lola Mae

Lillian Kate (Alexander)

Maddalyn Rose (Hannah)

Sienna Jennifer (Sam and Ayla)

Izabella Rose (Ema and Sofiea)

Alyssa Elizabeth

Emily Kaylah

Lucy Wilson (Xavier and Stella)- Wilson is the mothers maiden name and her surname is W!lli@ms

Abbey Michelle (Alex and Mia)

Isabelle Contance

Parker Kim

Penny Myrtle (Molly)

Juliette Helena Joy (Ruby Jay)


Milla Grace (Asha)

Sophia Marie

Alice Anne

Eva- mum named Rosalba

Clover Violet (Saffron and India)- Mums name is Jasmine

Liliana Caterina



5 thoughts on “Chet and Chevin

  1. It’s not at all unusual to be adult Lachlan – I think we’ve already had four or five celebrity dads named Lachlan on the blog. One of my husband’s friends is married to a Lachlan (he’s a dad too and in his 30s).

    I rather like Clover, Saffron and India – it’s a little bit hippie and a little bit hipster.

    Twins Roman and Rafael are handsome.

    1. Ok I wasn’t sure

      One thing there were so many modern classics for boys this month Ryan, Aaron, Luke, Michael and three Isabella’s

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