Name we should start using: Sheppard

The band Sheppard
The band Sheppard

Sheppard is currently spending their second week at number one with Geronimo (chances are its stuck in your head) while their previous single Let me down easy (also annoying) made it to number 18. Sheppard is the last name of three members of the band who I would assume started the band. But does Sheppard have baby name ability? Surname names are popular Jackson is in the top 5, Mason, Hunter, Blake, Hudson, Lincoln, Archer, Ryder, Lewis and Parker are all in the top 100. Sheppard isn’t on the list but does it have a chance we’ll see

6 thoughts on “Name we should start using: Sheppard

      1. There’s a famous song by Elvis Presley about a dog named Shep:

        And the dog on British TV show Blue Peter was named Shep:

        And a famous dog Shep from Ripley’s Believe It or Not:

        And an old movie called “My Dog Shep”

        And a dog movie star named Shep:

        And this dog named Shep went viral not that long ago:

        And Shep is a dog in the Animal Crossing video game:

        And there’s a book about a dog called “Shep Forever Faithful”:

        And Shep is a brand of dog food:

        And many many many many many many many more!

        It all adds up to a whole lot of dogs named Shep, for about the last 150 years. They’re all nice dogs, and dogs are lovely, and it wouldn’t bother me to meet someone named Sheppard or Shep, but it would instantly remind me of dogs, and I couldn’t use the name myself.

  1. I agree, it would be cool to see Sheppard (and Shepherd) used more often. Jared Padelecki (plays Sam on ‘Supernatural’) named his second son Shepherd in December, so maybe that will help give it a boost.

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