Uniquely Australian Names: Asha

Asher Keddie
Asher Keddie

Asha is quite well known in Australia pronounced Ash-ah is an indian name meaning wish, hope desire but could be used as a more feminine spelling of the biblical Asher. Both the Asha and Asher spelling chart in Victoria Asha is at 106 with 47 born and Asher is at 195 with 26 born. Why am I classing the two together because most Australians say Asha and Asher the same as I explained in another post earlier in the week we say our er’s as Ah’s. Asha is a name that could gain popularity as the similar Ashley and Ashton fall out of favour though it looks like Asha is going that way while Asher is currently rising for boys.


7 thoughts on “Uniquely Australian Names: Asha

      1. I’ve looked many times trying to find ones to use I was so impressed when Jacinta, Taylah and Angus came to me last night. so I have four more I could use Jai and Tahlia but they’ve been covered many times already

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