Names Name Nerds Love But I Don’t: Arthur

Arthur the Aardvark
Arthur the Aardvark and friends

Maybe I hate this name because of the the aardvark or because its an ugly name, I’m going with option b. It is an old man name it peaked in the 1910’s and basically everyone born then is dead though it never actually left the charts maybe some of the 80’s and 90’s Arthur’s were named after Grandpa Arthur? It is at 385 and falling in the US and 52 and rising in the UK.

The excuse some name nerds use about old man and lady names: even old people were children. But Jayden and Bella are unimaginable on an older person one day  Agatha will be saying don’t name your son Jaidyn thats an old man name.

5 thoughts on “Names Name Nerds Love But I Don’t: Arthur

  1. Arthur has never gone lower than #334 (in the early 2000s) so it’s a solid classic, and is currently rising in popularity, in line with UK trends.

    Sorry, I think the name nerds have won this round! 🙂 People seem to generally like the name Arthur, and it’s never gone out of regular use.

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