Names namenerds love that I don’t: Harriet

Harriet The Tortoise

I used to love Harriet  when I was 10, until my mum said that it was an old lady name. I’ve never lost that connection and as you can see by the picture its a tortoise name and a turtle name through Franklin the Turtles baby sister Harriet (though I must admit Franklin and Harriet is a great fictional sibset). Though Harriet is rising its only top 100 in Tasmania (77), Victoria (98) and ACT (62). In NSW 2011 it was at  198 and rising so it may be joining the top 100 in a few years. In England it’s actually down 7 spots since 1997 (it fell and is currently rising again) to 67. I see the nickname Hattie as worse then Harriet because it seems to hattish.

Then again I like Alice so maybe its just a matter of time until I like Harriet again.


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