Uniquely Australian names: Ebony

Me aged 14.
Me aged 14.

I covered Ebony what seems like ages ago when I first started blogging, but after what Anna said and me struggling to find names from my childhood it seems like a good time to start a new series. And the first name in the series is rather arrogantly my own.

Ebony has charted since the 1960’s when 3 Ebony’s were born and rose up to64 in 2000-2004 (thanks NSW Data) after falling to 140 in 2011 it rose to 97 in Australia and since NSW name explorer which I normally use hasn’t been updated I don’t know how popular it is in NSW.  Ebony comes from the english word Ebony and I normally say the meaning is deep dark black wood. One of the main reasons Ebony didn’t catch on in America is the racial overtones and a lot of people see it as a lower class stripper name. In Australia i highly recommend it but spell it properly.


11 thoughts on “Uniquely Australian names: Ebony

  1. From a bit of snooping I did, it seems as if Ebony is also thought of as a “black” name in the UK, and a lower-class one as well. Most people did say it was pretty, even people who thought it was inappropriate or low-class.

    1. Thanks for that, Anna. It kind of makes me glad to live in Australia with that name.

      And also the only other name for this series I can think of is Tahlia do you have any suggestions? Since I’ve covered Tahlia and would prefer to keep the Tahlia stalkers of my site.

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