What effect does Home and Away have on baby names?



Braxton: Of course this is included, the one of the fastest rising names of 2012 at 41 in Australia and 34 in WA. This is of course inspired by the now four Braxton brothers, Darryl, Heath, Casey and Kyle. The names also rising in America and the UK but its only in Australia and New Zealand where it charts. Another interesting thing the actor who plays Casey is named Lincoln another rising name in Australia.

Indigo: The full name of Indi Walker and both names are pretty well known. Indigo doesn’t rank but in WA especially Indi has taken off its 48 here and doesn’t rank in NSW or Australia.

Rocco: This is a bit older the name of Heath and Bianca’s baby who ended up dying. Rocco is rising and at there were 33 born in NSW last year. The show may have helped to introduce parents to the name or had nothing to do with it.

Jett: The name of the rebellious teen character though unlike the other names so far Jett is currently falling it left the top 100 in Australia last year an dis hanging on in NSW at 95.

Darcy: The name of Heath’s daughter who appears on and off in the series. Her name only charts for boys her and is currently falling in NSW it seems. In Australia it is 85 and in NSW its 108.

Sasha: The name of the half sister of Indi and Dex. The name Sasha peaked in 2009 two years before the character was introduced to home and away in 2011. In 2011 it ranked 162. The actress who plays Sasha, Demi Harman competed on celebrity splash earlier in the year but that will more likely to effect the name Demi if it does anything at all.

Of course there are plenty more but I have only been watching Home and Away for a year I might do another post later on more Home and Away names.

And do you remember a year ago when I wrote about Johnny Ruffo, he’s on Home and Away could this be the time when we start seeing children with Ruffo as a name?


3 thoughts on “What effect does Home and Away have on baby names?

  1. Apart from Lincoln, I do see quite a few babies named Heath and Casey in the birth notices – names of two other Braxton brothers.

    Spencer and Evelyn are two characters who joined the cast this year, and as these names are already trending upward, I wonder if the show will help give them a boost in the 2013 data.

    I will let you know if I ever see a baby Ruffo! I have seen a couple of Johnnys, but I don’t know if Johnny Ruffo was their inspiration.

    1. I kept Spencer and Maddie out because they are new characters and too new to look at the effects that they have had on data.

      And please do I doubt it will ever be used though.

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