Baby name predictions: April and Bianca

The names of the Scott sisters in Home and Away’s names might sound dated but both are actually rising my guess is the show has something to do with it. April is currently at 110 in NSW, 45 in Tasmania, and 100 in Victoria and from the NSW data its the highest its ever been could it be in the top 100 in the next few years?

Unlike April Bianca peaked in the 90’s at 53 and after slipping to 125 it rose in 2011 to 103 but there is no 2012 data, in Victoria it is at 152 and there were 3 born in 2010, in Tasmania. The character in Home and Away has been quite important I can see it rising especially with the rise of Braxton in Australia.

I think out of the two April seems more likely.


5 thoughts on “Baby name predictions: April and Bianca

    1. Lauren’s still outside isn’t it? Both of the Scott sisters have had quite good story lines this past year but I still think they are both dated but you never know šŸ™‚

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