Where did I come up with that?

The name in question
The name in question

So I had a dream weeks ago that revolved around a girl who was originally poor but then became rich and for some reason I wasn’t in this dream. This girls name was Jadene a she had siblings named I think they were Scott, Aiden and Tyler or something like that. But it’s Jadene thats confusing me was her name originally Jade or Jayden and then turned out as Jadene during my dreaming or what. Anyway I’m guessing its an elaboration of Jade but before this dream I’d never met or heard of a Jadene before this dream. This girl was around 17 making her born in 1997 when the name ranked 944.

This whole Jadene episode reminded me of when I was eleven I named a character in a story called Carys she had a twin named Elise and a sister named Sasha. I had never heard the name Carys, but I did spell it right.

The name that started it all
The name that started it all

6 thoughts on “Where did I come up with that?

  1. That’s so weird – I have heard people swear they “made up” a name like Kenton or Marietta, and then were so surprised to find it had been “made up” before! Jadene looks like Jaden with an -e, or Jade with -een, so I guess not too hard to get to.

    Carys is interesting that you dreamed it, I wonder if you knew the name Charis, which is said the same, or Paris, which rhymes?

    I hope you keep records of all your dream names!

    I once dreamed of a baby girl named Zaffre Bleu, only after I looked it up did I discover zaffre is a shade of blue. I guess I must have seen it somewhere and it lodged in my unconscious. Can’t imagine when or where I saw it though (in a book?)

    1. I don’t know a Charis and the Paris I knew was Paris Hilton. But I still wonder how I knew that it was spelt Carys. And Jadene I don’t know I think it is Jade with een, since this girls name was said jay-deen.

  2. I think Jadene is perfectly Lovely!!!!! I try not to cringe when neighbor has baby girl and her name is Jada Bella. I was soo hoping she’d stick with Layla or Isabel.. Of ALL the children named Jaden, Never have I seen the spelling I LOVE, which is sooo similar to your dream girl it’s interesting, it’s Jadenne. I Loved when I thought of this. I’m sure it was already “out there” but in thinking about trying to classy up a trendy name, I simply did what my mother did with my sister Jeanne, slapped on a French ending šŸ™‚ I wonder, if mayb there is a Jadene/Jadeen in your future?? I can’t believe you can dream and REMEMBER these names!!! You Truly are a GENIOUS! I’m gonna have to look around your site to find out your name šŸ™‚
    another post, knocked outa the park!!! Fantastic!

    (PS, K, in my post, I have already seen atleast two “word names”….. oops, sorry, just one, “Truly”, or people are using True, Tru…I Like it. Going to see if you have a post on “word names” because I am currayzee about them šŸ™‚

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