Rainbow magic series

The rainbow magic logo
The rainbow magic logo

The popstar fairies: Jessie, Adele, Miley, Rochelle, Una, Vanessa and Frankie
The princess fairies: Honor, Demi, Anya, Lizzie, Elisa, Eva and Maddie
The showtime fairies: Taylor, Isla, Amelia, Alesha, Leah, Madison and Darcey
Holiday Fairies: Emma, Kate, Belle, Mia and Juliet
Twilight fairies: Ava, Lexi, Zara, Morgan, Yasmin, Maisie and Sabrina
Ocean fairies: Ally, Amelie, Pia, Tess, Stephanie, Whitney and Courtney
Party fairies: Cherry, Melodie, Grace, Honey, Polly, Phoebe and Jasmine
Green fairies: Nicole, Isabella, Edie, Coral, Milly, Lily and Carrie
Dance fairies: Bethany, Jade, Rebecca, Tasha, Jessica, Saskia and Imogen
Magical animal fairies: Ashley, Lara, Rihanna, Sophia, Leona and Caitlin
music fairies: Fiona, Victoria, Ellie, Poppy, Danni, Maya and Sadie
Fun day fairies: Megan, Tallulah, Willow, Thea, Freya, Sienna and Sarah
Petal fairies: Ella, Danielle, Olivia, Charlotte, Louise, Pippa and Tia
Rainbow fairies: Ruby, Amber, Saffron, Fern, Sky, Izzy and Heather
Weather fairies: Crystal, Abigail, Pearl, Goldie, Evie and Storm
Jewel Fairies: India, Scarlett, Emily, Chloe, Amy, Sophie and Lucy
Pet keeper fairies: Bella, Georgia, Harriet, Katie, Lauren, Molly and Penny
Sporty fairies: Helena, Francesca, Zoe, Naomi, Samantha, Alice and Gemma
Special fairies: Florence, Trixie, Kylie, Flora, Shannon, Summer and Destiny
Christmas fairies: Natalie, Chrissie, Kylie, Holly, Stella and Paige
Human world characters: Rachel and Kirsty
Fairy land characters: Oberon, Titania, Bertram and Jack Frost


5 thoughts on “Rainbow magic series

  1. I just did Wendy Harmer, who wrote Pearlie the Fairy … there must be some fairy dust in the air! 🙂

    The fairies have very human names … the Jewel Fairies sound as if they might all go to school together. I think I like the Fun Day Fairies best, but it’s hard to choose a set, as she suddenly throws a very mis-matched name into the mix.

    1. And they try to be themed like Lucy the diamond fairy and Storm the lightning fairy. They have a Danni and Danielle there are so many good names out there.

  2. many delicious names to choose from!! Idk why, but I Love Miley, I mean the name AND the gurl. i was llike that when i was 20 too. Then college, marriage, children came along. Atleast she was born with a nice name. Wonder what her middle name is…..wow I may have to reblog this!!

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