Strange search terms


So here are some of the terms used to get to my corner of the interweb:

I love tahlia: Thats great good on you. Why are you typing that into google? If your asking on an opinion on a baby name and not stalking a human then Tahlia is a great name.

Lilee flower: I think you mean Lily Flower darling.

Sibset for Benjamin: Well it depends on your style. Tahlia is a great name though.

Meaning of Lavender: According to the inbuilt mac dictionary: a small aromatic evergreen shrub of the mint family, with narrow leaves and bluish-purple flowers. Lavender has been widely used in perfumery and medicine since ancient times. • Genus Lavandula, family Labiatae.
• the flowers and stalks of such a shrub dried and used to give a pleasant smell to clothes and bed linens.
• (also lavender oil) a scented oil distilled from lavender flowers.
• dated used in reference to refinement or gentility : [as adj. ] she had a certain lavender charm.
2 a pale blue color with a trace of mauve.
I hope that helps.

A italian names: Its an Italian name or Italian Names

Jorja Walker swimming; This is not a stalker site you will not find her here.

Clancy boy or girl name: Its a boys name as Clancy from the overflow is a guy but then again girls are called Geordie Walker so I say unisex.

Tahlia, i love you: Thats great but you won’t find Tahlia here

Choo choo docka: Wait what

Meeka is nickname: Yes for Tameeka or it is a first name I’m afraid. Sorry

i love Tahlia and Josh: Aww so do I. Seriously Tahlia-stalkers leave my site alone.

Sibset names for Matilda: Well for a girl Isabelle or Annabeth and for a boy maybe Thomas or William.

a beautiful flower name: Rose or Lily

playway schools in chandigarh: Again what?

inside my heart original singer: No idea I’m only 14

peoms about the teletubbies: its poems

i’am directioner: I used to be. I’m a Janoskianater now.

boys names that rhyme wirh fergus: It’s with and Angus maybe

ebonee rose birth and death date: Well I would guess the 2000’s sometime and I would hope she’s still alive.

jorjiana girl name: Its Georgiana.

photos of a city could lundyn: Do you mean photos of the city London?

is maddy a nickname for mathew: Yes, I happen to know a Matthew nicknamed Maddy

how can i find out what a toy’s name is from my childhood?: Google it.

is henry angelina ballerina’s brother: yeah he is

ebony stripper: Harsh, not true

meaning of the name isla-jai: Well Isla means Island and Jai is a nickname of many other names.

funny poem about teletubbies shooting lala: No poem about lala being shot that is sad and I can’t believe you would find that funny.

ebony rose or ebony-rose as a name: Its good but it does mean black rose.

4 thoughts on “Strange search terms

  1. omg that was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an amazing young woman!! No one would guess you to be 14, wicKKed sense of humor :)))) oh, forget the stalkers, i Love the name Tahlia. it’s weird, I used to pn it TAL-yuh, now I’m leaning more toward tuh-LEE-YUH. So for some unknown reason, I switched syllable like. How do You pn it? And what about spellings? Are there any you would find acceptable besides Tahlia. I know a girl, fb, her’s is spelled Talia. I like adding the “h”. I think Talya people would end up pronouncing it TAL-yuh….thx, you’re Fabulous!!! props for Catholic school!! ❤

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