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Since I’ve already covered Elena the next name on my list is Mirabel. One of the most unusual names on my list Mirabel so unusual it didn’t even make the 2012 extended list in Victoria. Mirabel is a variant of Mirabelle from the latin mirabilis meaning wonderful. Mirabelle was given to 74 girls in the US in 2012 and 6 baby girls in the UK in 2013. 


When I was younger I loved Miranda so my love of Mirabel is completely understandable. Mirabel contains elements of more popular names like Miranda and Miriam and Isabel and Annabel. Mirabel has a chance of becoming more popular but will it ever crack the US top 1000 only time will tell. 


3 thoughts on “Mirabel

  1. Mirabel is lovely – very pretty and elegant. And it fits in with so many current name trends that it’s surprising it is rare. Sometimes I think parents need a reminder of all those great names out there that they could be using.

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