Name of the week: Elena

Halcyon Days Album Cover
Halcyon Days Album Cover

One of my favourite singers and one of my favourite celebrity names is Elena Jane Goulding the real name of Ellie Goulding. Her album name also became a guilty pleasure names: Halcyon. Elena is a well used name in Australia, the UK and the US ranking in the mid 100’s in all three places (165 in Victoria, 139 in the US and 280 in the UK), though in Australia and the UK it’s Ellie thats taken off 67 in Australia and 35 in the UK (although in the UK Ellie is falling its at it’s lowest point since 1996) in the US its in the top 100 at 85. From personal experience the Elena I know has never gotten Ellie and the two Ellie’s in my year level are just Ellie, the other Ellie was born Ellen. One potential issue with Elena is no one can agree on the pronunciation Nameberry says its el-ay-na but the Elena I know says El-en-ah (like Helen without the H and the A) to me El-ay-na would be Elaina or Allaina. 

7 thoughts on “Name of the week: Elena

  1. Elena seems to be rising, although not very steadily – pretty sure it’s a name on the upswing though.

    I know a young Elena, said eh-LAY-na, and her nickname is Lani (like Laney). That’s on trend as well.

    Halycon would make a great middle name!

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