Name of the week: Hawthorne

afl_gf_logo_2013Its grand final weekend in Australia and I can’t wait for it to be over mostly because I’m a Sydney supporter in a family of Freo supporters and I think I broke my dads heart by saying I’m supporting Hawthorn this weekend because they are my second team and I would be more of a traitor to support Fremantle.  This weeks name of the week is after the Hawthorn Hawks who are from Hawthorn Melbourne  but there home ground is in Tasmania (confusing much). Someone one nameberry posted a tread wondering if Hawthorne could work for there AFL loving family. I personally said no.


So the baby name Hawthorne means where the wild hawthorn bushes grow which is a lovely meaning and Hawk is a lovely nickname but it still screams AFL obsessed fan.

Could Hawthorne/Hawthorn work on an Australia boy? I couldn’t hear it without thinking of the AFL team (who happen to have a player named Isaac Smith my little brothers name)



7 thoughts on “Name of the week: Hawthorne

  1. I like it, but yeah, I would definitely think the family were mad AFL fans. But I guess if their kid had some obscure saint’s name I would think they were staunch Catholics, and if their kid was named after a car, I would know they were revheads, so it’s not really any different. At least Hawthorne is a team you could name your baby after – imagine a baby named Essendon or Collingwood!

    I have actually seen someone named Hawthorn in Australian records, named after the plant.

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