Potterism Creators

My High school friends have decided to make a new religion called Potterism the following of Harry Potter.


The two creators are Orla and Ines.

Orla:  An English variant of the Irish name Orflaigh or Orlaith meaning Golden Princess.

Ines: The Spanish and French form of Agnes which means pure, virginal. Also spelt Inez


The followers (or follower)


English feminine variation of Emil a name of  Latin origin meaning rival. Emily peaked in the 1990’s when it reach number 3 (when I was born and I really notice that being an Ebony) currently at 8



2 thoughts on “Potterism Creators

    1. Orla’s name is actually Orflaugh (said like orla) the proper Irish way bit she is enrolled as Orla to stop it being pronounced wrong but I call her Orca =). And it is Ines (pronounced like Inez) and the follower has such a common name in comparison (Emily).

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