Feniex and Indigo: Birth Announcements from WA

Spain causing the upset of the century
Spain causing the upset of the century

The Hopman cup finished last night and I meant to watch it. I watched half of the mens singles and then got bored and also I expected Serbia to win because who has heard of Fernando Verdasco and Anabel Medina Garrigues anyway. It was almost as bigger upset as when  Bernard Tomic beat Novak Djokovich. Also who would know where Serbia is if it wasn’t for Novak Djokovich and Ana Ivanovich anyway. Ok I probably should get back to what I came here to do the birth announcements.


Lilah Juliet and Henry Bevan


Fraser George (Lewis)

Griffin Maxwell Carter (Niamh, Rory)

Jayden Michael

Kaleb John (Eva, Owen)

Blake Edward (Rhet, Zaelen)

Feniex Roe

Oliver (Max)

Jack Hedley (Abi, Tom, Ned)

Zain Matthew

Jake (Mikayla, Summer)


Zoe Rose

Madeleine Grace

Sienna Grace (Alexia, Ciara)

Lauren Violet (Isobel)

Alexis Clara

Suzanna Elizabeth

Indigo Paige

Amalia Elizabeth


Darcy Jean (Chelsea)

Charlotte Anne (Sophie, Grace)

Imogen Harper (Ari)


Also I will be away for 2 weeks so will finish the BA’s and other things when I get back. 


2 thoughts on “Feniex and Indigo: Birth Announcements from WA

    1. I really wanted Serbia to win as in there semi-finals versus germany they had won everything and in mixed doubles Novak Djokovich got the ball boys to have a go and then at the end when they won that Serbia danced Gangam style (or something along those lines). And its there third time in perth together.

      I have seen a Phoenix and a Fenix so far in BA’s this year.

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