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Another new addition to my list, there are two others  coming up the new editions to my boys list are Harley and Drake so I won’t talk about them again.

Leila is a variant of Layla meaning night in Arabic. Layla is the more popular variant which ranks in the top 50 in Australia, England and the US while Leila sits in the top 250 instead most likely because their isn’t one go to pronunciation, to most it would be lee-lah but it can also be said Lay-lah and lye-lah, while I like all pronunciations lee-lah is my favourite.

Since it ranks so much lower then Layla, Leila seems like a perfect compromise if you are willing to handle the pronunciation issues.




2 thoughts on “Leila

    1. I automatically say Lee-lah as well even though I’ve never met one and my only association with it is Leila McKinnon who of course says in Layla

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