Pop Culture Baby Name: Royalty


While Chris Brown isn’t the kind of person you’d think would inspire baby names, the news of his daughters existence seems to have an effect on the name charts and with his album named after her released in December (and peaking at number 3 on Billboard), it’s very possible it will continue rise, with little Royalty Brown being a a common feature on Chris Browns instagram despite only being mentioned it March last year (she was born in May the year before) and the confirmation of her existence has lead the use of the name Royalty to skyrocket, and I predict it will in years to come.

Royalty is quite a new choice first appearing on the charts in 2001 with 6 girls given the name, it fell of the charts again until 2005 when 10 girls were given the name and it’s been rising steadily since then never by more then five births until 2013 when it jumped 17 births and in 2014 it rose again by in 2015, if it wasn’t a celebrity baby name I would assume it would have continued along the same path however in 2015 it was up to 218 girls 155 more then in 2014. It also jumped a small amount for boys to 30 born. It’s not just Royalty that rose: Royalti was used 11 more times (19 births) but Royaltee fell from 6 births and Royal entered the top 1000 for the first time on a girl, given to 371 girls (up 117 births) of course it’s hard to tell if Chris Brown was the influence to those parents since it was 154 more girls in 2014 then 2013 but for some it could be (especially since I doubt any parent would admit thats were the name came from).

Will Royalty keep rising in the US? It’s hard to tell the album may inspire some parents but the media stories about her have slowed down but not entirely she’s still mentioned a bit mainly to do with arguments between Chris Brown and Royalty’s mother to do with child support. However with names like, King (who is the son of Tyga and a regular playmate of Royalty’s),Prince, Queen and Princess on the rise in America why wouldn’t the name for all of those titles continue to rise as well?



6 thoughts on “Pop Culture Baby Name: Royalty

    1. Would Royalty be legal here? I know a baby named Duke and I’m not a big fan (especially since his sisters names are so nice). I agree names like Royalty and Messiah get a very big no from me.

      1. It wouldn’t be illegal, but any birth registry can turn down a name that they think is a bad idea. I have seen a baby named Royal, and Royalty isn’t much different. It seems kind of usable, as you could call them Roy for short (if they were a boy or you wanted a boyish name for a girl).

        Royalty always reminds me of the fees you get from creative works (royalties) rather than actually sounding all that regal. I did wonder if Brown might have named his child after a cheque he received.

        It also reminds me of Royal Tea!

      2. Yeah the royalties thing does bother me to, I would rather see Royal because at least it’s an actual title not a big group of people.

        Royal and title names are pretty big for rappers: Omarion has a son named Megaa, Tyga has King Cairo and T.I. has Messiah Ya’Majesty born in 2001 (which has to be the worst of the bunch really). So Royalty fits right in

      3. You’re right – would be strange in our world, but in their own circle, Royalty and King are “normal” names.

        Oh another old school royal name: Jermajesty Jackson, son of Jermaine.

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