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Sorry about it being so long since the last post, I’ve had no internet and been super busy but I’m back. A few weeks ago I went through my lists and realised a lot of my favourite names were really similar: Elodie and Eloise, Isobel and Mirabel among others so I got rid of the duplicates and my girls list has 5 new entrants: Lucia, Zoe, Clementine, Juliet and Francesca.

Lucia is the feminine form of Lucius, therefore making the meaning light. Bourn by a 4th century martyr who is also the patron saint of the blind. One potential issue of the name is the countless different pronunciations, in Italian it’s Loo-cha, in German it’s Loo-tse-ah and in English there’s Loo-sha and Loo-cee-ah and I know of a Lucia who says it the same as Luca. My preferred pronunciation in Loo-cee-ah.


In Australia Lucia’s pretty unusual at 178 in Victoria in 2012 and 122 in New South Wales in 2011, I would guess it currently sits around the 130 mark nationally but with limited data it’s hard to say. In the UK its at 193 and in the United states it’s at 230 and rising pretty steadily. It’s in Europe that it’s a more popular choice it’s 98 in Scotland, 96 in Portugal, 95 in Croatia,84 in Northern Ireland and made the French top 500 for the first time at 455. Lucia is an extremely popular choice in Spain at number 1 it also makes the top 10 in the Spanish speaking Galicia (4) and Catalonia (7) it’s also at 89 in Mexico and I think it’s safe to assume it’s popular in much of Latin America which also helps to explain why it’s rising in the US.


In Australia your far more likely to meet a Lucy or a Lucinda but Lucia remains an underused choice that I can see rising in popularity.


One thought on “Lucia

  1. Pretty name, but I do find the different pronunciations a definite stumbling block. People have such strong opinions about the name that I don’t fancy putting myself in the firing line – maybe one reason why it’s not more popular.

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