TUVW rareties

Greek Island of Santorini (previously known as Thera which was used for 5 girls in 2014)

In between some of the awful mispellings (Taelyr, Trinitty, Wilson, Warren), boys names on girls (Victor, Tiernan, Thomas), what should hyphenated names (Winterrose and Violetrose) and mix and match letters (Talaya, Takayla) there are some lovely choices most are ethnic picks but some could easily work in America or Australia.

Taiwo: Taiwo (a variant form of Taiye)[1] is a name of Yoruba origin meaning “the first twin to taste the world.” or the one who comes before Kehinde.[2]Though Taiwo is the firstborn twin, it is believed that Kehinde is the older twin, sending Taiwo in the world first to decide if it is time to be born.
Talita: Portuguese form of Talitha, popular in Brazil. It’s also the name of a village in Argentina and a Brazilian beach volleyball player.
Tanveer: A Variation of Tanvir from the Arabic “تنوير”, meaning ‘enlightenment’, it was also given to ten boys.
Tari: A short name whos history is very hard to place. A user submission on behind the name claims It is an Ijaw (a tribe in Nigeria) name meaning Love. A Tarì is an Islamic gold coin minted in Italy between 913 and 1859, a town in Papua New Guinea, Tari Tari is a Japanese anime series and the Indonesian word for Dance.
Tema: Yiddish form of Tamar and is pronounced as teh-mah. It’s also the name of a city of the coast of Ghana and a Russian electronica group.
Theona: Latinized form of the Greek name Θεωνη (Theone), the feminine form of Theon. In Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’, Theano or Theona was a sister of Queen Hecuba and wife of Amycus. She and her sister gave birth on the same night to their sons Paris and Mimas, respectively.
Thera: A dutch diminutive of Theresa but also the ancient name for the Island of Santorini in Greece and the name of a Volcano whose erruption is believed by many scientists to have changed the world over 3,000 years ago.
Thienkim: For most of the five Thienkim’s their name is likely Thien-Kim or Thien Kim since it’s the exact name of a Vietnamese singer. Thien means kindhearted, benevolent and Kim means gold, metal.
Trishna: A sanskrit name Meaning “thirst, desire”. It would likely remind Australians of conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna.
Tsubake: From Japanese 椿 (tsubaki) meaning “camellia flower”, as well as other combinations of kanji which are pronounced the same way.
Tsunade: A Japanese name meaning meaning “mooring rope” and a character in the anime Naruto.
Ume: From Japanese 梅 (ume) meaning “plum”. In Japan the plum blossom is thought to symbolize devotion. Different kanji or kanji combinations can also form this name.
Uyen: A vietnamese name with an unknown meaning, singer Uyên Linh who won Vietnam Idol in 2010.
Vashuda: Another sanskrit name this one meaning producer of wealth and is used to refer to the earth.
Vedhika: An Indian film actress who has won several awards for her work, most results were on her though it seems to be a respelling of Vedika which is a sanskrit name meaning consciusness. Her breakthrough was in 2013 so this seems like a complete celebrity name.
Viviette: A french form of Vivian used in “Two on a tower” by Thomas Hardy and is the name of a 1910 novel and 1918 film.
Wafaa: An arabic name meaning faithfulness can also be used on men


My favourite: Talita


5 thoughts on “TUVW rareties

  1. I suspect that many of the names like Violetrose and Winterrose are actually hyphenated, but the Social Security Administration doesn’t register hyphens in their data. On the other hand, names like Maryanne and Marybeth are often true compound names…there may very well be Violetroses, then.
    Of this list, I especially like Theona, Thera, Viviette, and Wafaa.

    1. I know, I’ve always found it strange that you can’t have a hyphen it the US since there so popular in the UK and I know a few in Australia.

      1. I thought that too it sounds sweet (almost like a modernisation of Tahnee) but it’s too close to tarry for me too.

        And I can totally see Viviette catching on (or at least getting some love among namenerds) since it has two nicknames getting more common (Vivi and Etta)

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