Post Popular Names in the Goldfields and Esperance

The Super Pit Panorama
Superpit in Kalgoorlie

Todays region is the Goldfields and Esperance both quite populated regions, the Goldfields are in the centre of the state and Esperance is in far south of the state.


Name Rank in Region: Rank in State:
Jack 1 2
Beau 2 50
Hudson 2 15
Jake 2 36
Lachlan 2 10
Mason 2 8
Oliver 2 1
Lincoln 3 32
Oscar 3 31
Jayden 3 33
Noah 3 4
Max 3 22
Joshua 3 13



Name Rank in Region Rank In State:
Olivia 1 1
Ava 2 2
Sienna 3 20


So most choices were expected but Beau at number 2 is really high considering it just makes the top 50 and Sienna being at 3 also surprised me since it’s falling in the rest of the state. Next we move into the city with Peel as the next region, then the Metropolitan area.


5 thoughts on “Post Popular Names in the Goldfields and Esperance

      1. Esperance is more a farming area while Goldfields is all mining but both would still generally be working class. I haven’t been to Esperance so I don’t really know.

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