Most popular names in the Wheatbelt/Midwest

Wave Rock located in the Wheatbelt region

The wheatbelt and midwest are the regions today found in the centre of the state it’s an area that’s scarcely populated (just 124,000 people in both regions) with the Wheatbelt mostly farming and the midwest mostly mining and stations. I actually live in the Wheatbelt and know a Logan and Matthew born this year.


Name Rank in region Rank in state
Jack 1 2
Hudson 2 15
James 2 3
Liam 3 9
Logan 3 17
Jaxon 3 23
Nathan 3 49
Benjamin 4 19
Mason 4 8
Luke 4 39
Matthew 4 35
Ethan 4 7



Name Rank in Region Rank in state
Isabelle 1 25
Ella 2 13
Sophie 2 6
Ava 2 2
Matilda 2 11
Mackenzie 2 31

It seems in the Wheatbelt and Midwest like traditional choices especially Matthew and Nathan despite how much more popular it is here, I’ve never met one. Matthew’s brother has a very dated name (it was featured in the top names of 1999) so I’m surprised to see how popular it is.


3 thoughts on “Most popular names in the Wheatbelt/Midwest

    1. I realised after writing this I do know a Nathan but he’s in his 30’s. I still think as Matthew as dated especially with his brothers name.

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