After months of searching I’ve finally found a name to replace Miller on my list. I still love Miller but my cousins daughter is Mila pronounced the same so Miller needed to go, so Brooklyn is the new number 20 name. Brooklyn fits in on my boys list since it’s used on both boys and girls (Asher, Taylor) and ends in N (Eamon, Flynn, Lincoln, Finnian and Caspian) and my preferred nickname, Brooks, is a surname.


When I’ve asked about Brooklyn on nameberry most people see it as a girls name and the one Brooklyn I know is a girl (and has a younger brother named Cohen) the numbers here are pretty even with 15 boys and 17 girls given the name in Victoria in 2012. Throughout the rest of world its only more common for boys in the UK where it ranks 374 for boys and 448 for girls. That said it’s currently falling for boys but rising for girls . Brooklyn is a top 100 name in the US (26), Canada (27) and New Zealand (72). And most comments I’ve had from family have said Brooklyn’s a girls name not even mentioning Brooklyn Beckham helped me convince my mum and sister that it could be a boys name and even on a girl mum finds it weird. That said the same cousin who named her baby Mila, her favourite boys name is Brooklyn thankfully for me their most likely done having kids so I don’t need to worry about losing Brooklyn

Brooklyn the newest entry to my boys list due to the pluses of being the youngest cousin (I’m in grave danger of losing Flynn soon since it’s another cousins decided choice if they have a boy) and it’s a name that most name nerds despise.




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