Most Popular Boys Names of 1999

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.52.03 pm


Position in 1999: 31

Current Position: out of top 100

Fall in Position: at least 69 positions


Position in 1999: 32

Current Position: 5

Rise in Position: 27


Position in 1999: 33

Current Position: 106

Fall in Position: 73


Position in 1999: 34

Current Position: 101

Fall in Position: 67


Position in 1999: 35

Current Position: 95

Fall in Position: 60


Position in 1999: 36

Current Position: 92

Fall in Position: 56


Position in 1999: 37

Current Position: 183

Fall in position: 146


Position in 1999: 38

Current Position: 45

Rise in Position: 7


Position in 1999: 39

Current Position: 10

Rise in Position: 29


Position in 1999: 40

Current Position: 91

Fall in Position: 51

Biggest Faller: Brandon

Runners up: Andrew and Jesse

Biggest Riser: Jackson (though the figure used for the current number includes Jaxon and Jaxson)

Runner up: Ethan

2 thoughts on “Most Popular Boys Names of 1999

  1. Oh gosh Brandon seems so dated – it reminds of “Beverley Hills 90210”, with Jason Priestly as Brandon. The show finished in 2000, so 1999 seems like it’s last hurrah! Although I still see a few Brandons even now.

    1. I actually know a two year old Brandon (with a younger brother named Matthew) who’s so cute it makes the name seem wearable on a child. Before he I met him I would have totally agreed since other then him the only Brandon I know would be 22 by now.

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