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Sorry about not posting for a few weeks, I had exams and then I was at home with limited internet. I’ll continue with the top names of 1999 later but today’s post is on a name which I first heard a few weeks ago and is now at number four on my list.

Like most of my favourite Hayes is a surname, which has three possible origins:

English: A dweller near the hedge

Irish: descendant of AODH.

Yiddish: Life

In popularity terms Hayes is rising and most likely will keep doing so especially in the US as Hayes Grier was a contestant on this years dancing with the stars. Hayes currently sits at 545 in the US a fast rise since it entered the top 1000 in 2009. In the UK it was only given to three babies but had been used on less then three for many years.

The one thing that would make me hesitant to use Hayes is I’ve heard it described as a ‘stoner name’ a connection I don’t really want. Hayes is also commonly described as a preppy surname along with Rhodes and Brooks (which are also rising).

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