Most Popular Girls names of 1999. Part Four

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Part three is the 31-40 range and it begins with my own name which can’t have been that popular in WA at the time. This range is a mix of dated choices and those just beginning there fall after a long time climbing the charts.


Position in 1999: 31

Current Position: 149

Fall in Position: 118


Position in 1999: 32

Current Position: 72

Fall in Position: 40


Position in 1999: 33

Current Position: 2

Rise in Position: 31


Position in 1999: 34

Current Position: 205

Fall in Position: 171


Position in 1999: 35

Current Position: 121

Fall in Position: 86


Position in 1999: 36

Current Position: 3

Rise in Position: 33


Position in 1999: 37

Current Position: Out of top 100

Rise in position: Not too sure


Position in 1999: 38

Current Position: 50

Fall in Position: 12


Position in 1999: 39

Current Position: 53

Fall in Position: 14


Position in 1999: 40

Current Position: 147

Rise in Position: 93

Biggest Faller: Brittany

Runners up: Taylah and Ebony

Biggest Riser: Charlotte

Runner up: Mia

Most of these are very usable on a baby with all except one still in the top 200. Ebony and Taylah and Tayla have re-entered the top 100 so there actual positions may be different the data we have in Australia is just a top 100.

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