Most Popular Boys Names of 1999. Part Three


So far it the 21-30 category that has experienced the biggest falls 2 are completely out of the top 100 while


Position in 1999: 21

Current Position: 52

Fall in Position: 31


Position in 1999: 22

Current Position: 9

Rise in Position: 13


Position in 1999: 23

Current Position: 309

Fall in Position: 286


Position in 1999: 24

Current Position: no longer top 100

Fall in Position: 76 at least


Position in 1999: 25

Current Position: 76

Fall in Position: 51


Position in 1999: 26

Current Position: 39

Fall in Position: 16


Position in 1999: 27

Current Position: 55

Fall in position: 28


Position in 1999: 28

Current Position: 79

Fall in Position: 51


Position in 1999: 29

Current Position: 13

Rise in Position: 16


Position in 1999: 30

Current Position: 60

Fall in Position: 30

Biggest Faller: Kyle

Runners up: Christopher and Bailey

Biggest Riser: Harrison

Runner up: Alexander

2 thoughts on “Most Popular Boys Names of 1999. Part Three

    1. I know about four Harrison’s born in the past year, before that I only knew one who goes exclusively by Harry. Most the Alexanders I know are my age and one thats about 10 (he’s exclusively Alex though).

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