Most Popular Girls Names of 1999. Part Three

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The names in the 21-30 range are mostly very dated choices and about half of them were already declining by 1999.


Position in 1999: 21

Current Position: 142

Fall in Position: 121


Position in 1999: 22

Current Position: 36

Fall in Position: 14


Position in 1999: 23

Current Position: 499

Fall in Position: 476


Position in 1999: 24

Current Position: 138

Fall in Position: 114


Position in 1999: 25

Current Position: 118

Fall in Position: 93


Position in 1999: 26

Current Position: 99

Fall in Position: 73


Position in 1999: 27

Current Position: Out of top 100

Rise in position: at least 73


Position in 1999: 28

Current Position: 69

Fall in Position: 41


Position in 1999: 29

Current Position: 16 when combined with Maddison or 30 in WA

Fall in Position: 1. Rise in Position: 13


Position in 1999: 30

Current Position: 10

Rise in Position: 20

Biggest Faller: Courtney

Runners up: Brooke and Natasha

Biggest Riser: Ruby

Runner up: Madison

So overall really most of them still work on a baby except maybe Courtney and Brooke (though I still love the idea of Brooke, I much prefer it Brooklyn).


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