Most popular boys names of 1999. Part two

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.50.12 pm

Boys names from 11-20 all of these names are still in the top 100 and many were already falling by 1999.


Position in 1999: 11

Current Position: 24

Fall in Position: 13


Position in 1999: 12

Current Position: 50

Fall in Position: 38


Position in 1999: 13

Current Position: 73

Fall in Position: 60


Position in 1999: 14

Current Position: 53

Fall in Position: 39


Position in 1999: 15

Current Position: 15

Fall in Position: 0


Position in 1999: 16

Current Position: 54

Fall in Position: 38


Position in 1999: 17

Current Position: 83

Rise in position: 66


Position in 1999: 18

Current Position: 29

Fall in Position: 11


Position in 1999: 19

Current Position: 57

Fall in Position: 38


Position in 1999: 20

Current Position: 19

Rise in Position: 1

Biggest faller: Mitchell

Runners up: Nathan and Dylan

Biggest riser: Jacob

The boys choices fared much better then the girls with all of the choices still in the top 100 but only one name rose and only by one spot. Most of these names are classics and even the more typical 90’s names like Dylan, Jordan and Mitchell, still work on babies.

2 thoughts on “Most popular boys names of 1999. Part two

    1. I was actually surprised how low Mitchell was I know around 10 of them the oldest is 18 the youngest is three but around 5 of them were born in 1999

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