Most popular female names of 1999. Part two

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Part two is the 11-20 range where many previous top 10’s and future top 10’s are often positioned. Be prepared for some huge falls.


Position in 1999: 11

Current Position: 120

Fall in Position: 109 NSW 2011


Position in 1999: 12

Current Position: 104, NSW 2011

Fall in Position: 92


Position in 1999: 13

Current Position: 27

Fall in Position: 14


Position in 1999: 14

Current Position: 75

Fall in Position: 61


Position in 1999: 15

Current Position: 18

Fall in Position: 13


Position in 1999: 16

Current Position: 109, NSW 2011

Fall in Position: 93


Position in 1999: 17

Current Position: 8

Rise in position: 9


Position in 1999: 18

Current Position: 100 in NSW but nationally gone

Fall in Position: 82 at least


Position in 1999: 19

Current Position: 188 NSW 2011

Fall in Position: 169


Position in 1999: 20

Current Position: 16 when combined with Madison, Individually in WA 33

Rise in Position: 4. Fall in position:13

Number of names that fell: 8 or 9

Number of names that rose: 1 or 2

Biggest faller: Rebecca

Runners up: Stephanie, Amy and Lauren

Biggest Riser: Sophie

Runner up: Maddison

I can’t believe how far Rebecca fell. I understand Stephanie, Amy and Lauren but poor classic Rebecca. All the big fallers were already on the way down having peaked in the 1980’s or earlier in the 1990’s and now have a mum name image. Samantha and Lauren have both returned and fell out of the top 100 in 2011 and 2013. While much more dated then the top 10 I can easily imagine a baby with any of these names.


4 thoughts on “Most popular female names of 1999. Part two

      1. It makes perfect sense that way but it’s a shame really. And it won’t rise again since it’s dated now and Bec and Lleyton are still really hated

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