Most Popular Male Names of 1999

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Since yesterday I posted the most popular girls names I feel like I should follow it up with boys names. For the girls 40% are still top ten and all of them still make the top 50 is that the case with the most popular male choices of 1999?


Position in 1999: 1

Current Position:  12

Fall in Position: 11


Position in 1999: 2

Current Position: 3

Fall in Position: 1


Position in 1999: 3

Current Position: 22

Fall in Position: 19


Position in 1999: 4

Current Position: 6

Fall in Position: 2


Position in 1999: 5

Current Position: 8

Fall in Position: 3


Position in 1999: 6

Current Position: 51

Fall in Position: 45


Position in 1999: 7

Current Position: 68

Fall in Position: 61


Position in 1999: 8

Current Position: 33

Fall in Position: 25


Position in 1999: 9

Current Position: 2

Rise in Position: 7


Position in 1999: 10

Current Position: 11

Fall in Position: 1

Number of names that fell: 9

Number of names that rose: 1

Biggest faller: Nicholas

Runners up: Mattew

Biggest Riser: William

The boys names fared even worse with 4 names remaining in the top 10 but Nicholas and Matthew fell a lot more the biggest faller of the girls. But all of these names still work well none are too dated I actually know a baby Nicholas and Matthew but no young William’s, Liam’s and Jack’s.

4 thoughts on “Most Popular Male Names of 1999

  1. These are all still standards – I know lots of babies called William, Liam, and Jack, but it’s a while since I met a baby Joshua in person. I seem to know to lot of young men and teenagers with the name.

    1. I agree I wouldn’t be shocked to meet anyone of any age with any of these names Joshua and Nicholas I would find a little strange but get used to very quickly since the only Joshua I’ve actually met was a teacher of mine who would be in his thirties and Nicholas is the name of my 20 year old cousin (but he’s exclusively Nick) and a few others my age.

      1. My mums cousin has a baby named Nicholas who’d be almost one but other then that all the Nicholas’s I know are teenagers and go by Nick or Nic

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