Most popular Female names of 1999

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1999 the year I was born while not too much has changed (assuming I don’t really know) but the top ten female names have with most of the top names of 1999 out of the top 20.


Position in 1999: 1

Current Position: 4

Fall in Position: 3


Position in 1999: 2

Current Position: 38

Fall in Position: 36


Position in 1999: 3

Current Position: 9

Fall in Position: 6


Position in 1999: 4

Current Position: 2

Rise in Position: 2


Position in 1999: 5

Current Position: 41

Fall in Position: 36


Position in 1999: 6

Current Position: 32

Fall in Position: 26


Position in 1999: 7

Current Position: 20

Fall in Position: 14


Position in 1999: 8

Current Position: 9

Fall in Position: 1


Position in 1999: 9

Current Position: 49

Fall in Position: 40


Position in 1999: 10

Current Position: 14

Fall in Position: 4

Number of names that fell: 9

Number of names that rose: 1

Biggest faller: Chelsea

Runners up: Jessica, Sarah and Georgia

Biggest Riser: Oliva

Over all almost every name in the top 10 fell most by less then 20 but others have plummeted since then especially Chelsea. Only four names remain in the top 20 just 16 years later though none of them seem particularly dated and can all easily work on a child. 


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